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Regardless of your current skill level, all golfers have one thing in common, we can always get better. Depending upon your handicap, golf improvement comes easier for some than others. Obviously as you start shooting lower scores you will find improvement tends to slow down. The opportunity for a bogey golfer to pick up a shot is substantially better than a scratch player. Each player has individual needs for their current skill level involving different golf tips.

In order to properly improve your golf scores, players must understand what level they are on in order to choose what to practice. Highly specific, quality practice is truly the ingredient for continuous golf improvement. Golf is a game that you can never win at, after every 18 holes you play it could always be one shot better.

The average score for amateur golfers is well over 100. Golf is truly one of the most difficult games to grasp due to the confusion. If golfers were given better directions on how to improve this would not be the case. is designed to deliver the best golf tips and provide golf instruction for players of different skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Every articles on my site will feature techniques, lessons, how-to’s, and drills unlike any other that will surly make you a better golfer.

It doesn’t matter if your playing for fun or competing in tournaments, these golf tips were written to put you in the red.