Top 4 Indoor Putting Drills At Home

Develop a solid, repeatable stroke, by practicing the best indoor putting drills in the comfort of your own home. In my experience I have found there are two types of golfers. Those that live on the golf course and those that only get the chance to play 2-4 times a... read more

Top 10 Rules For A Rock Solid Wedge Game

Anytime you find yourself within 100 yards of the hole you should train yourself to have a make mentality. In order to do that you need to control your distance, trajectory, and spin. Phil Mickelson, one of the best wedge players in the game at worst expects to be 5... read more

Dynamic Lie Test: DIY Club Fitters Dream

Getting fit for your lie angle is a very important aspect to consider when making sure your clubs are working properly for you. I recommend if you don’t already play a set of forged irons to consider switching from cast. This will give you the ability to bend... read more

Stack And Tilt Golf Swing A Means To An End

The keys to a good impact position is a forward leaning shaft and 90% weight on the left leg. Beginning golfers fall back with their weight onto the right foot trying to scoop the ball into the air. This results in all sorts of bad shots. Once the pivot moves back... read more

How To Instantly Increase 20 Yards To Your Drives

Have you ever heard the old cliche drive for show and putt for dough? As you know there are many games within the game of golf. There’s your chipping game, putting game, mental game, iron game, and power game. With only so much time in the day to devote to... read more

The Longest Walk In Golf – Practice How You Play

The longest walk in golf is from the practice tee to the first green. If you have ever wondered why your performance is so drastically different from the driving range to the first time, this is what I mean by the longest walk in golf. There are many variables that... read more

Why I Hate The Driving Range – 1 Simple Solution

Do you wish you had more in common with a touring professional? If you have ever attended a PGA Tour event and noticed how the players warm up on the driving range, you will notice one distinct similarity between them that frankly most golfers don’t do. Keep... read more