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The Longest Walk In Golf – Practice How You Play

The longest walk in golf is from the practice tee to the first green. If you have ever wondered why your performance is so drastically different from the driving range to the first time, this is what I mean by the longest walk in golf. There are many variables that... read more

Why I Hate The Driving Range – 1 Simple Solution

Do you wish you had more in common with a touring professional? If you have ever attended a PGA Tour event and noticed how the players warm up on the driving range, you will notice one distinct similarity between them that frankly most golfers don’t do. Keep... read more

Q School Horror Stories

Ever since I had the dream of playing professional golf I knew in order to make that dream a reality, I had to attend q school. For all those unaware, it can be described as a four month long marathon of a golf tournament. With one stage each month starting in... read more

How To Determine Your Golf Handicap Calculator

Before I go into detail about how to determine your golf handicap calculator, I want to say a few things about the USGA handicap system to begin with. I understand given the nature of the game of golf, many golfers are all on different levels. Golf is supposed to be a... read more

The Priceless Short Game Lesson In Distance Control

I know when I miss a green I better get up and down so I can keep the momentum going and save par.  If I look at my stats and compare great rounds from good rounds, there is a significantly difference between the two. Particularly in the amount of greens in regulation... read more

Golf Ball Position Is Fundamental at Address

Ball position is one of the most confusing concepts for new golfers to grasp. Since the ball is stationary, it leaves golfers with several different options. We also have to think about ball position with different clubs that only adds to the... read more

USGA rules of golf penalty stroke

The game of golf is too easy, so the UGSA had to make hundreds of rules and regulations to keep golfers in check. It’s also a gentlemen’s game that develops many character traits such as integrity, confidence, and judgment. If a player breaks a rule it is... read more