10 Longest Golf Drivers For Distance and Forgiveness 2016

Here I found 10 longest golf drivers for distance and forgiveness 2016. Hitting longer drives is the easiest and most effective way to lower your scores. Here I selecting longest drivers for distance and forgiveness after checking tested trackman numbers and PGA Tour players that use them. For longer drives, it’s important to be up to date with the technology of the time and recycle driver heads every year depending on how often you play. Overtime the spring effect on a driver will diminish dropping ball speed and overall distance. The USGA has a specific spring effect that a driver cannot exceed without deeming the driver illegal. Drivers today are not being made to hit the golf ball farther as it relates to spring effect but rather to increase forgiveness across the face controlling launch angles and spin rate. Centerness of contact is a vital component to hitting your longest drives. Here I selected 10 longest golf drivers for distance and forgiveness with maximum adjustability. So let’s check out 10 longest golf drivers for distance and forgiveness 2016.

10 longest drivers for distance and forgiveness 2016

1. TaylorMade M1 430

taylormade m1 430 longest driver

TaylorMade M1 430 is the longest driver for distance and forgiveness. It has a smaller 430cc head compared to the larger 460cc M1 for added feel and workability. It has one of the lightest crowns on any driver which allows the weights to be utilized and adjusted on the bottom of the club better. It comes with a 15 gram front track weight to control direction draw, neutral, or fade settings. The 10 gram back track weight can be adjusted to control high, medium, or low launch trajectory. Know More About the TaylorMade M1 430 Here.

2. Nike Vapor Fly


Nike Vapor Fly is the longest golf driver for distance and forgiveness used by long ball hitter Rory Mcilroy and Patrick Rodgers. It is the only driver to have a compression channel and Covert Cavity Back design spreading the weight evenly throughout the club and promoting forgiveness. It has a very hot face with low spin characteristics. Nike announced it will no longer manufacture golf clubs so this is your chance to get one of the best drivers that will not be made anymore. See More Specs And Features.

3. TaylorMade M2


TaylorMade m2 is the longest and most forgiving driver. It is the softest feeling driver at impact due to its massive sweet spot across the face. The multi-material crown construction uses carbon fiber to lower the CG low and back on the club. With high launch characteristics and MOI it makes the M2 the longest and most forgiving driver in golf. See All Features And Specs Of The TaylorMade M2.

4. Titleist 917 D2/D3

Titleist 917 D2/D3 longest driver

Titleist 917 D2/D3 golf driver is the longest and most forgiving design to feature its first adjustable weight. The SureFit CG is the first in its class of Titleist Drivers to move weights from back, heel position to forward, toe position with interchangeable weights. It has Active Recoil Channel 2.0 to control spin rates and increase ball speed with your club head speed. At impact the Titleist 917 is the best sounding driver promoting confidence with each swing. See Titleist 917 D2/D3 Details.

5. Cobra King LTD Pro

Cobra King LTD Pro

Cobra King Ltd Pro is the best driver for distance and forgiveness featuring SPACEPORT-A 16 g weight to drop the CG deep and low increasing MOI without the drop in forgiveness. It has an extremely thin forged E9 face plate made from 8-1-1 Titanium for faster ball speed and feedback. The TeXtreme Carbon fiber crown is 20% lighter than ordinary carbon fiber leaving more weight on the bottom for lower CG. See All Cobra King LTD Pro Features.

6. Callaway XR16 Pro

Callaway XR16 Pro longest driver 2016

Callaway XR16 Pro is the longest most forgiving driver with the best feeling impact position. It has RMOTO face technology that lighter, thinner, and more forgiving. It was engineered with the help of aerodynamic experts from Boeing to make the Callaway XR16 the fastest club in the air by decreasing drag. The 450cc head is visually pleasing to the eye and ads workability at any skill level. See More Info About Callaway XR16 Pro.

7. Titleist 915 D3


Titleist 915 D3 golf driver is the longest and most forgiving featuring a 440cc deep face for trajectory control. It has Active Recoil Channel that flexes at impact to act like a spring that increases ball speed while decreasing spin. The design of the Titleist 915 D3 is very simple with a great impact feel and sound. The SureFit Tour Hosel has 16 different unique loft and lie combinations that can easily be changed in second with a wrench. See More Features & Specs.

8. Ping G30


Ping G30 is the longest and most forgiving driver made popular by the all pink Bubba Watson design. It has a slightly larger head with 460cc for high launch and ball velocity. It has Trajectory+ Tuning Technology to fine tune launch angle using five different settings and adding or subtracting 1 degree loft. At impact the Ping G30 has a very massive heavy hitting feeling to launch the ball. The new T9S face material is very strong, thin, and lightweight. See All Specs and Feaures.

9. Mizuno JPX EZ

Mizuno JPX EZ

Mizuno JPX EZ is the longest and most forgiving golf driver with the perfect 3 weight system. Drivers with more movable weights tend to sacrifice forgiveness. The Mizuno JPX EZ Fast Track weighting system uses 3 10 gram weight ports to dial launch conditions. It is known for the highest launching driver with Rebound Crown technology. It has 8 loft settings. (8.5 – 12.5) Learn More About The Mizuno JPX EZ Driver.

10. Scrixon Z 355


Scrixon Z 355 is the longest and most forgiving Scrixon featuring the simplest and purest of designs. It has ACTION MASS Technology with the heaviest head plus perfectly balanced shaft flex point. The added weight will increase stability in the swing helping golfers find the sweet spot more often. Check Out The Scrixon Z 355 Specs.


Longest golf drivers for distance and forgiveness should be loaded with the high performance specs like loft-lie adjustability, maximum gear effect, euro dynamic design all without compromising a great look and feel. So, the above listed golf drivers 2016 that are for hitting the ball long off the tee were selected looking over the best features. If you personally need guidance for buying a new driver  for your game then just comment below.


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