5 Best Carry Golf Bags For Walkers 2016

Here I have listed the 5 best golf carry bags for walking 2016 that all have important differences  that make each bag great. Playing with a caddy is a fantastic experience that can elevate your game to new levels but usually you are carrying the golf bag so lets choose the best so you can get to the 18th green without a broken back. There’s a lot that goes into making the best golf carry bag for golfers. Does the bag hold all 14 clubs without tangle? How efficient are the retractable legs? Is the bag light enough without sacrificing quality of material? Most importantly, is the arm strap comfortable? After checking the features of various golf carry bags, I have selected the best performance carry bags for walkers. So, if you are an avid walker and leave the golf cart than have one of the best golf carry bags for walkers 2016.


1. PING 4Series Carry Bags

PING 4Series Golf Carry Bags

Ping 4SERIES golf carry bag is the best golf carry bag a walker could ever dream of with 6 pockets, 24 inch sturdy leg span, comfortable wide shoulder straps, and 4-way top piece with anti-flex walls. The 4 series weights in at 4.5 lbs making it one of the lightest most easy to carry golf bags for any walker. The kick stand for the legs at the bottom of the bag is a superior designed and very durable. Check All Features Of the Bag Here.

2. Nike Sport Lite Carry Bag
nike lite sport carry bag

Nike Sport Lite features some of the nicest nylon material making is extremely lightweight and durable weighing in at 4 lbs. This carry bag has 6 functional pockets including a full-length apparel and glove pocket and water bottle sleeve. The top features a nice 5-way  divider to make sure all your clubs are properly organized and allows for easy access to all your golf clubs. See All The Colors And Features Here.

3. Titleist Ultra Lightweight SX1 Carry Bag


Titleist Ultra Lightweight SX1 is the best golf carry bag for walkers on any course weighing in at 4.9 lbs featuring a vary large golf ball pocket to spaciously fit all your belongings. The shoulder straps have a nice wide designs to fully support the shoulders and are 4-point adjustable to assist in lifting and carrying. 5 zippered pockets with a 3-way top cuff with full length dividers so your clubs don’t get tangled. See All Details For The Titleist Ultra Lightweight.

4. Sun Mountain 2-Five Carry Bag

Sun Mountain 2-Five Golf Carry Bag

Sun Mountain 2-Five Carry Bag is the best golf carry bag. It is the lightest bag on the list weighing in at ONLY 2.5lbs. Sun Mountain maintains great quality with all its carry bags and is made of 70 denier ripstop nylon. The bag is the lightest because it only has 4 pockets and the straps provide a little less support. 4-way flared top for maximum space and usability for golf clubs. Learn More About The Bag.

5. Ogio Tyro Carry Bag

Ogio 2016 Tyro Golf Carry Bag

Ogio Tyro is the best and least expensive golf carry bag. It has a 6 way divider on top and extremely durable material. It has 5 fleece lines pockets with a 4 points shoulder strap adjustment. Easy to access walking water bottle holster and weights in at approximately 4lbs. See More Features For The Carry Bag.


Best golf carry bags for walkers are as listed above. Enjoy the experience of walking 18 holes without dreading the walk. With these carry bags, you not only will enjoy your round of golf more but it will also speed up play and hopefully have you ditch that big bulky bag. So, if you are looking for the best golf carry bag then you can trust any one of these golf carry bags will leave you satisfied and ready to hit the links.


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