5 Best Driving Irons Golf Clubs For Accuracy and Distance 2017

Driving iron golf clubs may very well be the game-changers in golf. Let’s face it even for the best ball strikers the long irons get much harder to hit. Every time you land yourself in the rough you are statistically loosing anywhere from .3 -.7 strokes off your game depending on the distance away from the hole. Fairways are everything! Driving irons are going to be your easy solution to the hard problem of hitting those long irons. With advanced functionality and unmatched performance, driving irons deliver what their counterparts cannot. Yes, they may look like newbie clubs and you might have to take a blow to your ego but rest assured your time on the golf course will be much more enjoyable when you are eager to take can that 230 yard shot over the water or need to hit a fairways on a tight par 4. After having gone off of the scene for a few years, driving irons are back; and are showing up more often in good players bags.

Finding a really good driving iron golf club can be a bit tricky. Here are the best driving irons for 2017 we think you should give a try.

1. Fourteen Golf 2017 HI 877  Rescue Hybrid Golf Club

Essentially a cross between hybrid and long iron, the revolutionary Fourteen Golf 2017 HI 877 driving iron Golf Club has taken the golfing world by storm. The innovative design that enables you to deliver a high trajectory along with magnificent forgiveness, this club is like nothing you have ever seen before. The design consists of thin cup face created out of high-intensity am355p steel and the precision hollow body that is made of st-22 steel. This means exceptional feel and forgiveness. The body is designed such that it highlights the face while offering a great look overall. What’s more, the sole design features a bigger center portion, and a relatively slimmer toe and heel in order to keep the club moving smoothly; regardless of how thick the lie. This will also help you for off-center contact and consequently keep the ball in the air longer.

2. Titleist 716 T-MB Driving Iron

Designed exclusively for players who are looking for something to provide a high launch and extended carry distance while being inclined toward a blade-like look, the Titleist 716-MB is certainly one to go for. It is gorgeous on both inside and outside; with prolific forgiveness due to the muscle back frame with exquisite tungsten weighting. Again finding the right driving iron can take a lot of trial and error and experimentation that in the end is very worth the effort. However, if you are just looking for a home run the first time and don’t have the time to run more golf experiments, I always say you can never go wrong with a Titleist. I have used them for years and the their driving iron only adds to the Titleist reputation.

3. Ping Mens Crossover Hybrid Iron

An incredible pick for anyone who cannot make their peace with long irons, or better players who have not got to grips with hybrids, the Ping Mens Crossover Hybrid Iron is a gift from the golf gods. More spin, higher flights, better feel – these are the attributes that bring you closer to attaining your objectives with Ping Mens Crossover Hybrid Iron. The Ping Rapture long iron is also another alternative if you are a die hard ping fan.

4. Cobra King Utility Iron Graphite

Created from the most elite quality Iron Graphite, Cobra King utility iron is as sturdy as it comes. The presence of Tungsten weight in the lower back of the head helps create a much lower center of gravity, thus resulting in an easy launch; also, the Cobra King Utility Iron Graphite offers incredible forgiveness, thanks to the Hollow body Construction. It’s one of the only driving irons that features an adjustable loft and lie hossle settings which is great for different turf conditions and interchanging for each golf course. Let’s not forget to mention that its just a great looking club when you look down at the ball. This club is just begging to spit the ball high in the air.

5. Mizuno Mp-H5 Hollow Forgiving Face Iron

Now I have to be a little bias here, since these clubs are in my back. This elite player game improver iron is, in its true essence, a game improver. I replaced my 4-3 iron for these bad boys and absolutely made the right decision. It’s never been easier to get off a hard par-4 or reach a shorter par 5 with these clubs in the bag. Mizuno Mp-H5 offers penetrating ball flight and wonderful forgiveness. It still has that gorgeous Mizuno forged look and allows you to turn a weakness into a strength.


Also not on the list is the TaylorMade RSI driving iron. The later TaylorMade technology suggests there are better options available on the market however if non of these options satisfy you, the taylormade is another alternative to the collection. I will say that if you are a TaylorMade fan their woods and exceptional for both distance and accuracy. Remember forget how they look or will appear to others in your bag. Its results we are after here and taking that leap of faith on one of these driving irons will likely give you more confidence on the course thus lower scores. We hope you liked our list of top driving iron golf clubs for 2017.


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