5 Best Golf GPS Watches 2016

Golf GPS watches are the latest innovation in the world of golf and they’re what we need to take our game to the next level all while looking stylish. Golf is serious business people. We, men don’t take it lightly. If you sit with us golf enthusiasts, you’d be surprised to know that half of the time we’re focused on improving and improvising our games. Although golf GPS watches are a practical and easy tool to measure distance, keep a track of your score, and many more features such as heart-rate, the latest designs of golf GPS watches in 2016 also make for a style statements as well. Looking at all the features that make the best golf GPS watches we have selected 5 winners.

1. Garmin Approuch X40


Garmin Approuch X40 is the best golf GPS watch featuring a slender lightweight design. This is an all in one Golf GPS watch band which comes with a heart rate technology and activity tracking option. It displays distances to front, middle and back of the greens along with the hazards. You have auto shot tracking measuring your shot distances and automatically recording the shots for after game analysis. You can also receive notifications for incoming calls, text messages and other alerts as well. Check Out All The Features Here.

2. Bushnell Neo Ion


Bushnell Neo XS is the best golf GPS watch from one of the leading gps/rangefinder companies in golf, Bushnell. This one is your ultimate golf GPS watch. Ready to be used right out of its box without any membership or download fees, the Bushnell Neo XS comes preloaded with over 33,000 courses in more than 30 countries. It has an auto course recognition and hole advance with easy to read front, back and middle distances along with hazard and lay up distances up to 4 holes. The Bushnell Neo XS is an ultimate golf GPS watch with a 2 year battery life and a limited 1 year warranty. See All Specs Here.

3. Skycaddie LINX


Skycaddie Linx is the best GPS golf watch featuring bluetooth text/call notifications. This is a high end although a traditional looking watch. The SkyCaddie LINX uses yardages that have actually been mapped on foot to provide the user with actual distances to the front, back and middle of more than 35,000 pre-loaded courses. The SkyCaddie is known for its rather strong coverage and has a very use to use interface for navigation. The SkyCaddie is available in the traditional black and white trims with comfortable and very functional wristband. Learn More About The Skycaddie Here.

4. TomTom Golfer


TomTom Golfer GPS watch is the best Gps watch that allows you to attach the device to your cart or take it with you. This particular gps watch has been designed to help all golfers improve their games by detecting tees and approach shots automatically. These shots can then be analysed with the help of the MySports app. TomTom Golf shows distances to reach and also carry hazards and lay up points as well along with an automatic scorecard that keeps a track of your score at all times. You also have an option for a postgame analysis that allows you insights into your shot patterns to help you improve your game strengths and weaknesses. See All TomTom Specs. 

5. Garmin Approach S6


Garmin Approuch S6 is the best quality Gps Watch featuring a high quality user friendly look. This is a high resolution golf watch that comes with a color touchscreen. The Garmin Approach S6 is preloaded with 40000+ courses from the world over and has a dedicated course viewing option for manual pin positioning. This watch is glove friendly and gives you precise distances with features like dedicated swing metrics to tell you tempo. See More That The Garmin Can Do.


If you are like me you know how much of a hassle it is to pull out your rangefinder every-time for distances. You may end up zapping the wrong target or even forgetting it on the tee-box. With a GPS watch you will never have to worry about wrong distances or loosing your distance device. You can see these are the 5 best golf GPS watches 2016 that have all the best features and added quality and style.


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