5 Simple Drills To Help You Correct Your Slice

There are many different reasons that contribute to your slice that may be different from another golfer. The golf swing is action-reaction and all swings are unique. This post shares universal drills and tips that will help correct your slice.

The secret to great golf is to take everything that feels natural and do the exact opposite. For this reason the vast majority of the beginning golfers at one point or another have struggled with a slice.

Based on the dynamics of the golf swing it is easier to produce a movement that will cause the ball to curve from left-to-right. Playing a fade and a slice are two entirely separate things. A fade is a desirable and effective result while a slice is an out of control shot that results in unrecoverable penalty shots.

The first step in discovering why you slice the ball is to educate yourself on the ball flight laws. Once you understand impact and what that does to the golf ball you can then condition your swing to achieve an impact position that will give you the desired outcome. In your case it is correcting your slice and either playing a fade or a draw.

It is my guess that if you are struggling with a slice you rarely see the left side of the golf course.

The whole idea here is to train your swing to move the ball in both directions. If you are a slicer, learn how to hook the ball.  This may seem like going from one problem to another however once you learn how to shape the ball both ways you can straighten it out from there.

I believe the natural progression of a golfer goes from slicer to a hooker then gets a hold of his swing and knows how to work the ball in both directions.

Here are five simple tips to help you with your slice.


1. Alignment and aim.

Before you attempt any swing changes focus on your set up. I am not only talking about spine angle and distance from the ball but your ability to align and aim everything at your intended target correctly. Often times golfers think they are aimed where there are not. This unconscious habit will destroy your ability to control the ball.

The natural tendency of a slicer will be two corrected the slice by aiming further left. This will in turn only make the slice worse. First diagnose you’re aiming tendencies and if anything came right of your intended target. ( close your stance )

2. Check your ball position.

It’s hard to believe that something as simple as where you place the ball in your stance can have a profound affect on the shape of a golf ball. Most importantly you want to make sure that you take a divot with your irons. Placing the ball more back in your stance will allow for a steeper attack angle and a more in to out path.

3. Fix your swing path.

I’m sure it’s not the first time you have heard the term over-the-top. Your shoulder alignment is primarily responsible for the direction of your swing path. Closing your shoulders to the target line will help promote an in-to-out swing direction.

4. More depth in back swing.

It is not uncommon for slicers to have a lack of width and depth in their backswing. Focus on maintaining a straight left arm throughout the backswing and downswing. also try to avoid your arms separating from your shoulder turn. Feeling pressure underneath your left armpit will help maintain connection.

5. Finish with your weight forward and balanced.

Finally, it is all too common that people who slice the ball tend to lose their balance. When you finish your swing make sure you have transferred all of your way to your left side and are able to hold that position Until the ball lands. This will not only help you stop slicing but will also improve your rhythm, tempo and timing.



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