8 Best Golf Clubs for Beginners 2016

Here you can find 8 best golf clubs for beginners 2016. I selecting the best golf clubs sets for beginners 2016 after checking all features and specs. For a beginners golf clubs, you need a set that will enhance off centered hits while still providing marginal feedback.For beginners golf clubs, you need to make sure you fit your clubs for your body type with weight, lie angle, shaft flex, etc. Here I selected 10 best golf clubs for beginners that that will last years and can still perform for intermediate golfers.Most of golf clubs have a large sweep spot for maximum forgiveness and extra added distance.When just getting started in the game, the best golf clubs should really elevate trajectory and get the ball high in the air, so here I selected 10 best beginners golf clubs with large sweet spot, unmatched forgiveness, work-ability and unmatched aesthetics. So let’s check out 8 best golf clubs for beginners 2016.8 best golf clubs for beginners

Why Cast Golf Clubs are Better Than Forged Golf Clubs for Beginners?

If you’re looking for best beginners golf set, then go with cast irons. The cast golf clubs are usually cheaper to manufacture and will have a softer feel which is perfect for improvement. Once you reach a new level in your golfing career forged clubs can offer certain benefits that cast cannot.

What Shaft Should You Get?

Typically when you are starting out your swing speed will not be as fast as the pros. Your swing speed has a lot to do with the type of shaft you should play with. Usually the faster you swing the heavier and less flex you want in the shaft. As a beginner I would suggest using a shaft that will also enable you to play well once you improve.Something not to heavy with regular flex should do the trick.

1. Titleist 716 AP1 Iron Set

Titleist 716 AP1 Iron Set beginners golf set

This is a true Titleist max game improvement iron that is unmatched in the marketplace. It has all the hallmarks of a max GI iron with a thin, large unsupported face, huge cavity back and tungsten in the long irons. Feel and feedback are also a little more than what you would expect of an iron with those game improvement features, it is surprisingly good. Titleist is a great company that produces amazing golf equipment. Know More About The Titelist 716 Ap1 Iron Set Here.

[Recommended for the Serious Beginner Golfer]

2. Callaway Steelhead XR Iron Set

Callaway Steelhead XR Iron Set best beginners golf

These are the Callaway Steelhead XR Irons. Steelhead XR irons feature that slightly longer blade length, a slightly more rounded toe and the signature look of the hosel-to-face transition. The soft, steel-infused Shock Eliminator Technology absorbs unwanted vibration for great feel, and helps lower the head’s Center of Gravity (CG) for higher launch.There’s more than just looks here, there’s maximum speed and distance thanks to the next generation of Callaway’s 360 Face Cup Technology that allows the edges of the club face to flex and release at impact which even improves your off center shots. See More Specs and Features

3. Taylor Made M2 Iron SetTaylor Made M2 Iron Set best beginners irons 2016

Best looking, best hitting, best golf clubs for a beginner. Hands down! High trajectory, soft landing, long in distance, all true. Taylor Made are wonderful clubs. With a large sweet spot trajectory control is very consistent and helps develop spin in your golf game. This is a classic game-improvement iron, perfect for beginner golfer.  M2 was designed with the beginner in mind to provide forgiveness on mis-hits, which will consistency and easy of improvement. See All Features And Specs Of Taylor Made M2 Irons.

4. Ping G30 Golf Clubs

ping g30 beginners irons

Progressive lengths and lofts and a thin face optimize launch conditions and generate faster ball speeds, ensuring maximum distance and control to consistently knock the ball close. The Custom Tuning Port (CTP) contributes to a solid feel and a low-back CG for launching the ball high and straight. Slightly longer heads also boost MOI for improved off-center performance, and a new sole design promotes solid contact. Learn More About Ping G30 Golf Clubs

5. Mizuno JPX-850 Irons Set

mizuno jpx-850 beginners irons 2016

Mizuno make some of the top performing golf clubs on the market today. The JPX850 is a very complete package perfect for any beginner. The Miuno JPX850 have very little offset on the hosel and have the classic larger head for forgiveness and added feel. Mizuno has a strong reputation for some of the softest feeling clubs off any turn conditions. If you like to use a soft golf ball and a Mizuno golf club it will feel like striking butter. See All Features For the Mizuno JPX-850 Irons Here

6. Adams New Idea Hybrid Irons

Adams New Idea Hybrid Irons

The Adams New Idea Hybrid Irons are the perfect golf club for the beginner. They are by far the easiest golf clubs to hit and are best for the price. Adams makes some of the best hybrids in the game and they have converted the technology together with a typical iron making for a very enjoyable impact. The lightweight shaft and head combined with the biggest sweet spot in golf will make getting the ball airborn no problem. See More Info About The Adams New Idea Hybrid Irons

7. Wilson Ultra Complete Package Golf Set

Wilson Ultra best beginners starters golf set 2016

The Wilson Ultra Complete Package Golf Set is the perfect starter set for any beginner. If you fall in love with the game you will definitely want to upgrade from this set. There is a lot of technology lacking in this set than the previous examples however for the price it is a great start. It also comes with all 14 clubs so you are ready to hit the links. See More Features & Specs.

8. Callaway Strata Complete Golf Set With Bag

callaway complete best beginners golf set 2016

This is a great starter set for someone who is just entering into the world of golf, and this set is made by Callaway. Every club in this bag is easy to hit and you can upgrade as you see fit. This set of golf clubs are well balanced, and they have a great grip as well. The bag that comes with this set is a freestanding bag, which is great to have at the driving range. This set is lightweight and easy to carry without wearing your shoulder out. See All Features And Specs



Beginner golf clubs should be loaded with game improvement features like high forgiveness, maximum distance, enhanced feedback all while pleasing to the eye. So, above listed golf clubs that are for beginners are selected looking over the best features. If you personally need guidance for buying a new set of golf clubs for any purpose then just comment below.


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