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At GolfInRed, we firmly believe in the power of organic growth through genuine connections. We recognize that our success is deeply rooted in the support and trust of individuals like you and the influence you have within your network. We sincerely appreciate your help in spreading the word about GolfInRed. As a gesture of our appreciation, we offer you the opportunity to join our affiliate program. By becoming an affiliate, not only can you contribute to the growth of our community, but you can also earn rewards along the way.

You have various options to promote and earn money with us. The most exciting opportunity lies in referring your friends to join as GolfInRed members for the tour. For a membership fee of $500 per year, you’ll not only receive $50 for each successful referral but also grant your friends a generous $50 discount on their membership. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Refer five+ members to GolfInRed within six month period and earn an
impressive $400 bonus, on top of your regular referral fees.

Additionally, we offer a sought-after strokes gained stats subscription at a competitive price of $89 per year. As an affiliate, you’ll receive a remarkable 50% commission on each sale, and what’s even better is that this commission will continue to flow in perpetuity as long as the referred person remains subscribed.

Joining our affiliate program is simple, free, and requires no technical knowledge. Once you sign up, your username will become a custom checkout code that you can effortlessly share with your network. You can also create custom textual links to place within your website or social media platforms. When a  users click on your links and becomes a member, our advanced affiliate software will track their activity, ensuring you earn commissions. We offer a convenient payment option through PayPal, allowing you to easily receive your affiliate earnings. All members will have access to the affiliate program and no additional registration is required.

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