Improving your golf game is all about tracking performance metrics. As you know there are many different skills and divisions of the game that each need specific attention. The best advice a golfer can receive is to play within themselves and play to their strengths. But if a golfer cannot easily know and identify these areas of their game they cannot possible play their best golf.

When you are out playing golf, you must take all necessary measures to monitor your performance so that in every subsequent game, you are always better than the last. Years ago, such a thing would have been considered a long shot. However, technology has advanced a great deal in the past few years, and it continues to do so as we speak. What a time to be alive – there are now electronic, user friendly systems that can come in handy for such monitoring/tracking activities. One such system is the Arccos Golf Performance Tracking System.

This extensive, fully automatic and multi functional GPS and shot tracking system allows you to identify loopholes and enhance your performance if need be. Its the very first of its kind and by the looks of it, it will go a long way. Arccos sensors conveniently fit on the end of each club and the stats pertaining to your game will instantly be available on your smart phone (on which Arccos has been set up) for viewing and analyzing. What’s best about Arccos is that it’s system has been designed to seamlessly monitor and display the results for your viewing, without interrupting the game.

Arccos’s compatibility is yet another factor that makes this a must-have; it is compatible with iOs 8.0 onward, Android Lollipop mobile operating system, version 5.0 and all devices recently made available. Additionally, there is an Arccos app developed exclusively for Apple Watch – it is loaded with outstanding features like customized club recommendation and enhanced shot editing etc.

To make the monitoring process whole, the proprietary Tour Analytics platform processes and converts each and every stat captured, so as to enable you to use it to your benefit by learning just where you need work. And Voila! You have successfully made a better golfer out of yourself! A Godsend for anyone who aspires to master the game of golf, Arccos is, undoubtedly, a golfer’s / teachers prayers answered.

Arccos is, without a doubt, a ground breaking evolution in golf and has the potential to change the game for good. Arccos golf is like having a professional caddy but better that collects analyzes and provides club advice, tracking, Gps, monitoring and much more. That data that is collected over time can then be used to calculate valuable strokes gained data. With strokes gained benchmarks you can quickly find areas in your game that are severely lacking in skill compared to the PGA Tour average performances from each specific yardage.  What you thought was a skill may or may not be after using Arcoss golf. The truth will come out and that’s usually improvements in your golf game. You will also be able to communicate better with your golf instructor and have information for them to go off of.

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