Best Deal On Used Golf Balls 2016

Here I have listed the best deal on used golf balls 2016 for all skill levels. In golf, one man’s penalty stroke is another man’s gain. Tens of millions of golf balls find the bottom of golf course water hazards every year just in the United States alone. Divers are then contracted by courses to collect the white gold sitting at the mercy depths. After the recovery and cleaning process, these best used golf balls are sold for nearly half the original retail price to golfers looking for exceptional quality at a major discount.

Distance off the tee and control around the green in crucial when choosing a used golf ball for your game. But, how do you know what ball is best for your game? Test of course. The best deals on used golf balls 2016 for your game are listed below.

Only The Best Used Golf Ball Brands For Your Game



1.  Titleist Pro v 1 / x

Titleist Pro v 1 /x is the best used golf. Designed for all golfers seeking to shoot lower scores. Empirical evidence proves that used Pro V1/Pro V1x balls are comparable to new. I have switched between using regular pro v 1 and pro v 1 x throughout my career but cannot get away from the ball. The regular Pro v 1 has a 3 piece design with more dimples for a higher spin rate and softer feel. The Pro v 1 x is a higher compression 4 layered ball with less dimples designed to reduce spin but still maintain that very soft feel in the urethane cover. Generally I would recommend most golfers to use the regular pro v for that extra control.

2. Used Callaway – Chrome Soft

For the longest time I would refuse to play Callaway golf ball because of how hard the golf ball felt off the face. The feedback was there but it was never a feel I could get used to. The new technology in the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball with its Dura Spin Cover makes for an amazingly durable ball with great short game control. Off the tee the ball doesn’t spin a lot and amplifies smash factor for faster ball speed or longer drives.

3. Used Nike – RZN Platinum

The Nike RZN Platinum Golf Ball features Speedlock Technology with its interlocking RZN core design that delivers more energy between the layers for a faster ball speed and longer distance. The next generation RZN (resin), now softer for better feel and reduced excess spin, is a lighter, faster material designed for longer distance and a more consistent, stable ball flight.

4. Used TaylorMade Tour Preferred

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred golf ball is designed for players seeking more spin on iron shots. Spin Mantle™ Technology – Inner layers designed to promote consistent approach shot spin. New Soft Tech™ Cover – New softer cover material promotes improved greenside spin and control. Seemless LDP® 322 Dimple Pattern – Promotes penetrating ball flight for more distance into the wind.

5. Used Bridgestone e6

The Bridgestone e6 2015 is the softest multilayer golf ball on the market, that is designed to improve your accuracy, hit straighter shots, and your overall game. The newly engineered Web Dimple enhances surface coverage for improved ball flight for more distance. The new e6 features a soft gradational core, anti-side spin inner layer, softer Surlyn covered for that improved feel, and a 326 Seamless dimple design with New WEB Dimple Technology.

6. Used Srixon z-star XV

The Srixon Z-STAR XV golf balls provide exceptional feel around the green and optimal distance off the tee. Z-STAR XV golf balls have a slightly firmer feel for exceptional distance without sacrificing green-grabbing control. They feature the thinnest urethane cover on a premium ball and a new dimple configuration that maximizes performance. The Z-STAR XV is ideal for golfers with swing speeds of 105 mph or higher, with spin tuned for extreme tour distance and exceptional stopping power on approach shots.

The best used golf ball deals 2016 have been listed above. As always the best way to find the right used golf ball for you is to try different balls. The quality of used golf balls these days are very similar to new balls. Purchase used golf balls and never feel guilty about losing a golf ball again. If you have any questions about which used golf ball is perfect for your game just ask in the comments.


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