5 Best Electric Golf Cart Trolley Caddy

Electric trolleys are the ultimate “it” thing these days – obviously we have grown to become more reliant and dependent, fortunately and unfortunately ; and these wonderful trolleys do carry all the golfing equipment for us. You know longer have to go through the hassle of carrying bags, clubs, balls etc. – these electric golf cart trolleys are the answer to your prayers! You can now focus on enjoying your game and not worry about carrying the load of the gear.

Deciding to enjoy the walk and play golf rather than taking a cart is a decision that will become alot easier with an electric golf cart trolley. If you could have a personal caddy every time you played like the pros your enjoyment of golf will increase. These carts don’t talk back and always shoulder the load.

Following is a list of five best electric golf cart trolleys that are up to par in all aspects; to name a few – quality, maximum convenience, durability, ease of travel etc.

Cart-Tek GRX950-Li

Lithium Battery Motorized Golf Trolley – These long lasting Lithium Ion Battery powered golf trolleys are extremely lightweight – hence easy to drive through distances. What’s more, these ensure maximum efficient battery performance so you can golf in peace without worrying about running out of battery. The most striking feature of these trolleys is the “Variable Speed Dial”; this serves the purpose of matching your walking speed so that you can conveniently walk around without too much exertion!

Spitzer E1 Electric Golf Trolley

Covering the ample range of 27 holes, and weighing just 9 kgs, the Spitzer E1 Electric Golf Trolleys are one of the ultimate electric golf carts in stores today. This ultra lightweight Aluminium framed electric cart has the capacity to carry up to 30 kgs. What’s best about this product is its unique “Quick Release Wheels” and its locking system, aside from its super efficient battery. Save your energy for the game, let the Spitzer Electric Golf Trolley carry your weight for you.

Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Caddy

Fitted with the most powerful battery that ensures the most effective, optimal performance, the Bat-Caddy X3R Electric Golf Caddy is out now. It is great looking; both on the outside and the inside. It is lightweight, durable and made of high tech aluminum frame with solid stainless steel; materials whose premium quality speaks for itself.

Powakaddy Fw3 Electric Golf Caddy Trolley

Featuring a very handy Plug ‘n’ Play Battery system, this compact, super functional golf caddy trolley is super convenient. It also features a simple three step folding system that adds to the convenience this trolley brings to our lives.

Spin It Golf Products Easy Trek Sport Remote Controlled Golf Caddy

This remote controlled golf caddy has taken the caddy game to a whole new level. Its airless rubber ties, power-off free wheeling, powerful dual 200W motors make these some of the most incredible ones of their kind.

You will never run out of reasons you should get one of these! Make your life easier with these trolleys that will carry all the weight for you!


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