Top 5 Hybrids / Rescue Golf Clubs To Transform Your Bag 2017

Hybrids these days just have so many clear advantages over other golfing irons that making the switch for potential benefits can simply not be overlooked. As golfers we learn to love the challenge so often that we are guilty of using clubs that are simply not going to give us the best chance to shoot our lowest score. You want to view all 14 clubs in your bag as “easy” to hit. As you move up the bag into the lower irons this becomes difficult and replacing them with hybrids is a very smart decision.

To cut it short, the most exciting thing about hybrids is their availability in just so many varieties! Any and all golfers must have the capacity to get their hands on the means to help them make reaching the green from those intolerable distances, somewhat more agreeable.
These Hybrids are available in all sorts of shapes, you can choose one that best fits your needs – they range from 100 cubic centimeter compact heads that enable players to possess a specific ability to work the ball and attack the pin, to virtual tiny fairway woods that can hit the ball from any sort of lie up and out toward the general region of a target.

We’re looking at plenty of advancements to increase the way hybrid’s faces flex and the way the sole and, sometimes even the crown contribute to higher, longer shots than could ever be possible with an iron. More than any club in the game, the hybrid today can take an agonizing situation and make it tolerable; perhaps even take a weakness and transform it into a strength.

Following is a list of Hybrids that have come to land the title of the “Top” ones to try in 2017:

1. Taylor Made M1 – M2 Hybrid / Rescue Club

Replace the long iron today, with the Taylor Made M1 – M2 Hybrid. They are the ones boasting distance, ultimate workability and forgiveness. With increased adjustability and sliding weight track system, the M family has become one of the most prominent ones. These top the list for me because of the way they lie on the ground. Finding a good hybrid that looks good when set on the ground is very rare. The TaylorMade M2 hybrid just seems to sit perfectly on the ground giving you confidence you will get the ball high in the air.

2. Ping Anser Hybrid Rescue Club

It is low spinning, it appears to be smaller when compared to the previous version (Ping G30); it is everything you want a hybrid to be.

3. Srixon Z H65 Hybrid Rescue Golf Club

With smaller weight on the sole, yet a channel in the crown that gets dynamically more profound as lofts increase. It aids on-and off center hits launch higher with insignificant spin. What’s more, a spring-like high-quality steel face embed on these compact hybrids helps shots fly high. The Scrixon Z H65 is the softest feeling off the face with the cleanest looking crown design.

4. Titleist 816 H/H2 Hybrid Rescue 

What makes this a great pick is its huge, motivating profile for golfers that require improved launch; Slight face movement for golfers that desire a fairway metal look, extraordinary execution from the rough, distance through rapid and low spin from Active Recoil Channel™ , distance from the Ultra Thin Face design, Increased design, all the more regularly from the high MOI plan and, lastly, precision fit through increased lofts and industry driving SureFit® flexibility! Similar to the Titleist driving irons you cannot go wrong with the Titleist hybrid designs. They have such a solid feel at impact and very predictable launch trajectories that go consistent distances.

5. Cobra King f7 Hybrid Rescue

The daddy of the Hybrids, Cobra King F7 is the golfer’s dream come true. Consistent distance, increased playability, accuracy, and exquisite look and feel is what makes Cobra the greatness that it is.


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