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How To

How To Determine Your Golf Handicap Calculator

Before I go into detail about how to determine your golf handicap calculator, I want to say a few things about the USGA handicap system to begin with. I understand given the nature of the game of golf, many golfers are all on different levels. Golf...

Jul 14, 2013 No Comments
Short Game

The Priceless Short Game Lesson In Distance Control

I know when I miss a green I better get up and down so I can keep the momentum going and save par.  If I look at my stats and compare great rounds from good rounds, there is a significantly difference between the two. Particularly in the amount of...

Nov 3, 2012 No Comments
Full Swing

Golf Ball Position Is Fundamental at Address

Ball position is one of the most confusing concepts for new golfers to grasp. Since the ball is stationary, it leaves golfers with several different options. We also have to think about ball position with different clubs that only adds to the...

Oct 31, 2012 No Comments
Mental Game

USGA rules of golf penalty stroke

The game of golf is too easy, so the UGSA had to make hundreds of rules and regulations to keep golfers in check. It's also a gentlemen's game that develops many character traits such as integrity, confidence, and judgment. If a player breaks a...

Oct 27, 2012 No Comments
How To

How To Make A Golf Yardage Book – PGA Tour Style

The use of golf laser range finders or gps devices are illegal on the PGA Tour and many other amateur and professional golf tournaments. There is an easy way to make a professional free golf yardage book like what the PGA tour players use with...

Feb 18, 2012 No Comments

Laser Putting Alignment Golf Aid – Aiming The Putter Face

How to putt your best and make more putts is determined on your ability to properly aim your putter face. I cannot think of any better way that will do the job better than a laser alignment aid. Laser Putt golf putting aid Can you aim the putter...

Feb 7, 2012 No Comments
Mental Game

Moe Norman Video – Talks Golf Psychology

Moe Norman was one of the greatest ball-strikers that ever lived.  There is a golf school called Moe Norman golf academy that focuses just on Moe Norman's golf swing and techniques. Today's Touring Pro's would sit and watch him hit straight shot...

Jan 31, 2012 No Comments

How To Putt Better With Distance Control

Golfers have been tricked to believe touch and feel in their putting stroke and on the putting greens is something hard to achieve. In golf, we are told that putting distance control is something that is supposed to be difficult. Realistically,...

Jan 29, 2012 No Comments

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