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This may seem a bit farfetched, so enjoy. I have a strong believe that golf is a game involving feels. Overtime this is how we develop our swing, just like anything else. Playing a round of golf requires you to use the feel that you have developed through repetition and practice. You also expect that feeling to be the same when you play. If your feel was constantly changing, so would your results. If you wear a golf glove, your feel changes after every golfswing without you realizing.

When you go for a golf lesson, your instructor usually attempts to teach you the brains behind the motions. While this is important, it is not required for shooting sub par golf. If it seems reasonable to you, this will give you believe in it more. Once you accept the system, then you focus on the important part. Having a great feel is what contributes to under par golf. If the instructor is qualified, not only will he explain his theory but find a way for you to sense the proper motions within your golf swing.

This gets me started with my Golf Glove Theory and its importance.

It would be difficult to argue that most feeling comes from the hands and feet. Especially, your hands, since they are the only part of your body connecting you to the golf club. Your feet serve you as an anchor, connecting you with the ground. Concentrating on these areas more will provide the most return. Have you ever tried practicing only your grip for a month?

Most golfings wear a single glove on their left hand (Right handed player) but in some cases, players like Ben Hogan chose not to wear a glove at all. (Possible reasons for this) You can also see players such as Tommy Gainey wearing gloves on both hands. As a general rule of thumb, you should choose what feels right and stick with it. Making any fluctuations to your feet and hands will have a significant effect on your swing.

When was the last time you replaced your golf glove?


Have you replaced your golf spikes recently?

With every swing, you create wear on your golf glove. Believe it or not this causes the club to feel slightly different in your hands. In effect, it’s like your working with a new swing every time. Chances are you wait until the glove has holes in it before you dispose of it. After that, you put on  a new glove, feeling the dissimilarity in your swing. I can’t strain enough the importance of keeping the same  feel  in your hands. Depending on how much you practice will determine how often you need to change your glove. If this is not practical, try playing without a glove like Ben Hogan and Moe Norman.

Likewise, the feet, especially the golf spikes on our golf shoes tend to wear down especially if they are those soft spikes. My advice would be to play without spikes or get used to replacing them. To many golfers’s fail to change their golf spikes, in all likelihood it’s because they don’t worry about the bottom of their shoes. Having a proper grip with the ground allows for not only stability but the ability to whip up more speed.


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