Costco KIRKLAND Signature 4 Piece Golf Ball Vs. Pro V1 Review

Golf balls are a major element in determining the future of your game; and we acknowledge the struggle that not losing them can be; and with the fancy price tags – who has got the money to infuse in their lives the added expense of golf balls lost in one of the golf weekends with the boys? It really doesn’t have to be that hard any more – thanks to the Costco Kirkland Signature 4 piece Golf Balls.

You heard it – they are back and they are better!
Some few months ago, Costco Kirkland Signature Golf balls had set the internet abuzz and there seemed to be no point of return; what with all the shortfall and troubles with restocking and lawsuits that they were put up against; but they are smart, or maybe lucky – the “cannot restock due to certain reasons” situation worked to their advantage, and there are now more eager fans waiting to get their hands on the mighty Golf Ball than ever.
However, Costco, with its “power ball / ball power” has, more recently, come back to the drawing board and we are loving it! We are all in and ready to welcome this one with open arms and will surely be bringing our golf bags full of Kirklands Signature to the course, at the drop of a hat!

Costing around $15 per dozen, the ball crushes its leading competitors and counterparts; including the balls from Titleist, Bridgestone, Callaway and TaylorMade, which normally, cost almost three times the price of this one.

This wonderful product has advanced functionality and is widely put to use, with good reason. How does it measure up to the Titleist PRo V 1? Well, it doesn’t just measure up to it – it beats it. With its outstanding performance and unmatched price, Costco Kirkland’s set of golf balls is, without a doubt, all the good that is left in this world. For starters, the Kirkland ball was found to fly almost a full 10 yards further when compared to the Titleist Pro V1, when both were put to a test against each other. What’s more, Kirkland’s Signature Golf Ball flew almost a full 1.5 mph faster than the Pro V1; it was faster and it went farther – the two things that make a golf ball, a great one. It also feels great off the putter and is fantastic around the greens. Here is a great article with side by side comparison data.

There are expensive options that promise to perform just as well, then there are more economical alternatives that live up to the challenge. Making the right choice really shouldn’t be a hard nut to crack. Again, this is a high quality golf ball for the typical price of a “lower end” golf ball. There is no reason why golfers should be using crap balls now to save coin when they can play Kirkland Signature. Definitely worth giving a try. Grab a dozen and try them for yourself.
Too good to be true? You can go on and thank your stars because you are in luck! What a time to be alive, don’t you think?


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