Eyeline Putting Alignment Mirror Review

The Eyeline putting alignment mirror has and will continue to help my putting through my career. It’s perfect for checking the key fundamentals in putting such as a proper setup, alignment, aim, eye position, putter face angle, and shoulder alignment. Consistent feedback is key! The Eyeline mirror has been the only putting training aid that was easy to use and very effective.

The mechanics of the putting stroke are not difficult to learn. In fact, there are no excuses for having poor putting mechanics. It truly is the easiest and most undemanding move in golf that anyone can learn. So why are so many golfers struggling to make more putts and gain confidence on the greens?

When practicing it’s essential to know exactly what you are doing. Sometimes, the feel you have is not the same as whats actually happening. Far to many people practice without instant any feedback devices. The best feedback comes from someone you trust, such as your golf instructor who can watch you and inform you what you are doing. Obviously, most of us don’t have the luxury of having a swing instructor by their side 24/7. That’s why the Eyeline putting mirror should be your new best friend.

Including instant feedback to your practice will allow you to practice with a purpose and increase the quality of your practice.

Before a tournament, or any casual round, I can easily drop the mirror on the ground and instantly make sure I’m setup properly. Within just a few putts, I can fix a problem with my eyes or shoulder alignment that will defiantly save my strokes on the day. Aside for a pre-round checkup I also like to preform several putting drills to reinforce good habits. The Eye Line Putting System is also extremely lightweight yet durable, and highly portable making it exceedingly easy for me. I can easily store the Eyeline in my golf bag or trunk.


Get The Eyeline Putting Alignment Mirror Now For… 

  • Perfect Position of eyes over the ball.
  • Parallel Shoulder Alignment
  • Aiming the Putter Face to match the target.
  • Proper aim &  alignment to target.


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