Dynamic Lie Test: DIY Club Fitters Dream

Getting fit for your lie angle is a very important aspect to consider when making sure your clubs are working properly for you. I recommend if you don’t already play a set of forged irons to consider switching from cast. This will give you the ability to bend your clubs to adjust your lie angle.

Using impact tape and hitting down on a lie board does not accurately represent what will happen on the golf course. It makes no sense to fit your clubs based off a surface you will never encounter. Ditch the lie board.

The dynamic lie test simple and allows you to hit balls from the grass.

Draw a heavy line on one side of the golf ball with sharpie and place it perfectly vertical facing the club head. After impact, the line should be transferred onto the club face. If the line is perfectly vertical your lie angle is correct. If the line is tilted out towards the toe of the club, your club is too upright and you will need to flatten the lie angle to get the line vertical. If the ink line is tilted towards the heel your club is too flat and you would bend the club more upright.

Make sure to check all of your clubs and bend them according to the results you got with the dynamic lie test. It will take some time to go through your entire bag but the confidence you gain afterwards is well worth it.

It is not uncommon overtime that your irons will bend during practice without your knowledge. Frequently check your lie and loft angle with the dynamic lie test especially if you like to practice off of mats.

Give your higher lofted clubs special attention and make sure they are exact. After you bend them don’t forget to check them again to make sure the line is vertical.

Now that your all your lie angles are perfect you are ready to start hitting the ball in the center of the club face. It way sounds weird but Dr. Scholl’s foot spray works amazing to show you where on the face the ball is coming into contact. Your clubs will also smell great!


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