Golf Terms

Address:  The golfer’s positions before hitting the ball.

Lag putt:  A putt not aimed directly at the hole, instead a lay up close enough to secure the next putt.

Approach Shot: Target  intended  to land on the green.

Backspin: The spin applied on the ball by loft and grooves of the clubface. Skilled played may use extra backspin to stop the ball once it has landed.

Backswing: The first part of the swing, moving the club from the address position to the top behind the shoulder.

Blaster: The most lofted club in your bag, the sand wedge.

Borrow: The slope of the greens surface.

Bye: Unofficial match played over the remaining holes when a matchplay competition has come to an end before the 18th hole.

Casual Water: Water on the course that is not part of the design, this could be extensive water from overnight rain. If the players ball comes to rest in water, there feet will be, that player can take a free drop no closer to the hole. If there is casual water on the green affecting your putt, the ball may be moved to the nearest place equally distant from the hole to avoid putting through water.

Center-shaft: A style of putter in which the shaft is attacked to the center of the putterface.

Chip: A short running shot from just off the green.

Closed: A relationship between the direction of the stance and the clubface. The clubface is closed when pointing towards the feet. The stance is closed if the front foot is across the target line.

Dead: A ball so close to the hole, its conceded in matchplay and assumed to be made.

Dormie: In matchplay, when a competitor is leading by the number of holes that remain in play.

Downswing: The part of the swing from the start of the backswing to the moment of impact.

Draw: A ball that starts on the target line and slightly turns from right-to-left.

Drop: When a ball is lifted, under penalty or otherwise, standing erect, the players holds the ball and arms lengths at should height and drops the ball no nearer to the hole.

Explosion shot: A shot needed for an embedded ball in the bunker.

Face: The surface of the clubface that strikes the ball.

Face Insert: The extra hard impact area set into the face of a wood or wedge.

Fade: A ball that starts on the target line then moves slightly from left-to-right.

Flange: The sole and iron club, usually exaggerated on a wedge.

Flat Swing: one in which the club’s motion around the body is low.

Follow-Through: The part of the swing beyond impact with the ball.

Grain: The angle at which the green is growing. Putting into the grain is usually slower than putting downgrain.

Fringe: The collar of slightly longer grass surrounding the green.

Ground Under Repair: Area of the course temporarily out of play. If a players ball ends up in ground under repair they are allow a free drop no closer to the hole.

Handicap: Rating of a player’s skill relative to par for the course. Different handicaps allow different stroke allowances, and allow for different skilled players to play against each other.

Hanging lie: When the ball is on the ground bellow the players feet, sloping away.

Hazard: Any permanent obstacle on the course, ie. bunker or ditch marked with red or yellow paint.

Heel: The part of the clubface beneath the shaft.

Hooded: When the club is turned to the closed position, reducing loft.

Hook: A aggressive right-to-left movement of the ball.

Hosel: The extension to the clubhead into which the shaft sits.

Lateral Water Hazard: A creek, or pond, ball can be played or taken out and dropped on line with the role for 1 penalty stroke.

Lie: The position in which the ball comes to rest. ALSO the angle created between the shaft and the clubface.

Loft: The angle on the clubface designed to get the ball airborn.

Loose Impediments: Twigs or leaves, nothing growing, and nothing adhering to the ball, can we removed without causing the ball to move without penalty.

Lost ball: The player is allowed up to 5 minutes to find and identifty his ball. If its lost the next shot is played from where he played his last shot. Stroke and distance penalty.

Open: When the clubface is turned out. When the line of the feet is to the left of the target line.

Out of Bounds: Grounds outside the area of play. Marked by white stakes, the penalty is 1 stroke and distance.

Penalty: In strokeplay strokes are added, in matchplay the hole is lost.

Pitch shot: A short shot with a high trajectory, so the ball wont roll when landing on the green.

Provisional: A ball played when it seems that the preceding shot is lost or out of bounds. If the ball was lost the provisional must be played, if found the provisional cannot be used.

Pull: A straight shot that start left of the target line.

Push: A straight shot that start right of the target line.

Shank: When the ball comes into contact with the hosel, shooting the ball right.

Slice: An aggressive shot from left-to-right.

Sole: The underside of the golfclub.

Square: The position of the clubface and stance when parallel to the target line.

Swingweight: Measure of balance and overall weight of clubs. All clubs in a set should feel the same when swung.

Toe: The area on the clubhead farthest from the shaft.

Top: A shot hit above the top half of the ball, causing the ball to roll across the ground, not going airborn.

Uphill Lie: When the ball is positioned above the players feet.

Unplayable: The player may deem his ball to be unplayable. Penalty is 1 stroke and may be dropped within 2 club lengths of where it was no nearer to the club.

Waggle: A players movements before swinging to feel his shot and get loose.

Wedge: A club with an extreme amount of loft.

Wrist cock: The natural hinging of the wrists as the club moves in the backswing to the top of the swing.


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