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Depending upon the speed at which the golf ball enters the cup, will determine its make able diameter. According to the rules of golf, a regulation golf cup size is 4.25 inches in diameter and must be pressed 1 inch into the ground.(if the conditions allow) For starters, the makeable size of a golf hole becomes greater the slower the golf ball is traveling at the front lip. The popular belief in putting is that speed is more important than line. This makes sense because breaking putts have numerous apex’s, by using different delivery speeds.

The delivery speed you imagine for a putt determines the line. This is true, however, it does not mean you can spend all your putting practice on speed and pay no attention to starting line. They are equally as important, but first choosing speed makes picking the line possible. First imagine the delivery speed at the golf cup, then the line will show itself. A putter with perfect distance control that cannot start the golf ball on-line will also miss putts just as leaving a putt short will never go in.

During any round a golf, you have a very low percentage of having your putt on the fall line(a dead straight putt). This means your putt either breaks from left-to-right or right-to-left giving you the opportunity to use different speeds and lines. Since putting is such an individual art, people tend to choose different speeds.

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Although you and your friend are seeing the same slope, chances are you aren’t seeing the same pace at which the golf ball with enter the front edge of the cup. Remember, speed dictates line, there is more than one way to make a breaking putt. A slower delivery speed will require more break to be played, whereas a faster delivery speed takes out the break. You friend could read the break using a different delivery speed than you intend causing you to miss the putt.

The best and most consistent putters are able to deliver the golf ball to the golf cup at the same speed for all of their putts. If you are constantly hitting different distance putts with the same delivery speed, unconsciously, you are working on starting the ball on-line. Putters that have a hard time controlling distance will also lack the skill of starting a putt on-line. Next time you are out practicing your putting, pay close attention to the speed at which the golf ball enters the golf hole for all of your putts. Is it the same?

What Is The Optimal Delivery Speed – Odds Of Making The Most Putts

A good way to think about delivery speed is, how far the ball will travel after it reaches the cup. We want to make putts, so obviously anything short wouldn’t be considered the optimal. Although on some tough lag putts leaving putts short is perfectly fine, making sure of the par with a 2-putt. If the pin is cut on a severely sloped part of the green, I wouldn’t risk trying to make my first putt with the chance of having a tough breaking putt to save par. Making the simple mistake of putting past the hole, leaving yourself a tough downhill putt can cost you strokes. Ignoring these certain circumstances, the optimal delivery speed for making putts is two golf ball revolutions passed the golf hole diameter. (about the size of 2 full hand lengths) This speed makes the dimensions of the golf hole bigger.

The slower the delivery speed the more opportunities the ball has to go in the hole. Conversely, the faster the delivery speed, the smaller the golf cup becomes. This means to make putts with a faster delivery speed, you need to hit the dead center of the cup. Two revolutions passed the hole will leave you with a mere tap-in for any putt that wasn’t holed. Allowing for a pressure free tap-in par.

If you like to take a more direct line, or play less break, you have a faster delivery speed. This of course works with great success on short putts, but if you miss a long putt,  you still have some work to do. It may seem easier to make putts by taking out the break, however, you bring the possibility of having a 3-putt on the scorecard.

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Start to imagine the speed of the golf ball as it enters the hole. If you can imagine making putts at a certain speed,(two revolutions past the cup) the line will become more clear and putting will seem more natural. Instead of getting your satisfaction for making putts, focus more on the speed at which you made the putt and judge your success on how well you were able to control the delivery speed.

This is great, you can now make the regulation golf cup size bigger through delivery speed. Next, Learn to control the distance with your putting stroke.



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