Golf Enhanced: Oakley Prizm Golf lens Sunglasses

Not getting quite the score you wanted on your game? Maybe you need a pair of Oakley PRIZM Golf lens sunglasses! Enhanced vision can do wonders for your game. Designed keeping in view the importance of incredible (aka “noiseless”) vision in the game, Oakley PRIZM golf provides the user with unadulterated vision and thus ensures outstanding, optimal performance. Sunglasses will never be the same. Oakley Prizm Golf Lens Sunglasses have changed the sports eyewear game for good and we are not even complaining! This cutting edge product is getting all the hype it deserves, all thanks to PRIZM.

PRIZM, the brand new, ground breaking Oakley Lens Technology works by tweaking vision for conditions specific to golf performance. The lenses perform by highlighting hues where the eye is most delicate to detail consequently improving performance while providing safety. This one is Oakley’s very first lens that is purpose-built to compliment particular sports, games and activities, and it is straight up amazing. It goes without saying that Oakley Prizm “Golf” lens sunglasses is what you need to take your game up a notch. It’s no surprise that the best players in the world are trusting Oakley golf PRIZM lens for their golf game.

There is nothing getting in between you and the golfing streak, sitting right in front of you. Need we remind you just how imperative enhanced vision is to your game and how it improves every aspect of the game? Whether you know it or not, hands down, it is worth every penny; take our word for it. Not only will they enhance your golfing experience, most importantly will protect your eyes from the harmful rays from the sun which is so important in protecting your eyes. Nobody needs sunburnt eyes.

They have got a variety of styles to choose from – one for every kind of sport. Ranging from games or sports played in the snow, golf, road, trail, baseball Infield, baseball outfield, fishing, and daily activities. OAKLEY PRIZM LENSES entail a number of benefits; most prominent of which are listed below: Sharpens visual discernment to allow you to view all the more clearly and, as a result, respond faster. If you struggle with reading the greens these PRIZM lens will really help you to see the true contour of the greens and different grain directions. Improves color recognition/detection a great deal and helps the golfer to instantly spot details required for you to play at your best. Enhances your ability to better observe the significant moving items in your perimeter or field of view.

My favorite part about Oakley PRIZM Golf lens sunglasses is the enhanced ability to conveniently view and detect the changing textures and the different kinds of greens, this allows them to identify just the area where the rough begins and the green ends. A pair of Oakley PRIZM Golf Sunglasses enables you to easily measure distance and grass conditions better than ever! When hitting the course with these guarding your eyes, there is nothing stopping you. With key benefits of OAKLEY PRIZM GOLF LENSES like detection of changing grass textures and refining of contrast between changes in the greens, thus assisting you in spotting fairways/fringe/rough transitions; golf will never be the same.


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