Get A Golf Grip Man

I want to share an interesting golf grip tip, that will help you with your golfswing. Especially if you feel lost and don’t know what to work on in your golf swing. (your not alone) There are times in your pursuit of perfection you realize you are far from it. The sooner you know how exciting this is and change your attitude, the faster you can improve. Everyone is trying to get better; that’s why you are reading this but being a long way from perfect means you can get alot better. Never be complacent.

I say this because there are times when you are going to struggle, it’s the nature of the game. When you think you’ve got it, the game quickly humbles you the next day. Alternatively, maybe you think you are struggling because you shot your best round last week. Now you are just playing your average game. It helps to understand your game, not only understanding what you can and cannot do on the golf course but from a statistical perspective as well. This means taking stats and assigning numbers to your game. Take stats. Instead of simply thinking “I’m Struggling” at least you will know what needs work.

Today golf is bombarded with  different golf swing tips, drills, “secrets,” and new swing ideas. If I asked you what you have been working on, Ide guess the list is longer than 3. I don’t blame you, everyone seems to know what they are talking about and can be particularly persuasive. At least for me, my discipline when it came to swing mechanics was non existent.

What do I mean by this?

During  practice I could have up to five different swing thoughts I was thinking about. I’m sure I wasn’t alone. This I think is largely due to how much information is pumped out through magazines, the golf channel, teachers, and even fellow golfers. Most are complete nonsense.

If you only learn one thing from reading this, note this down. Before moving on to something else, make clear what you are currently working on has been mastered. Once you think you have mastered it, wait a week. If you made the change without having to think about it, you can move on.

This may require some discipline on your part but will benefit in you shooting lower scores. First, you want to remove all those swing thoughts from your brain, and I have just the recipe for that.

For the next month,  the only swing thought you are allowed to work on and think about is your golf grip. Each and every day you will become more and more comfortable holding the golf club in your hands. The golf club will feel better in your hands, and you will get considerable satisfaction from this. Remember, no swing thoughts, just a natural action, while concentrating on your golf grip. Rather than making a complete change to your golf grip, simply focus on the feeling and grip pressures.

There is something truly powerful that will happen when every time you grip a golf club it gets better.


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