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Repetition in the golf swing is a goal worth working hard for. I can remember setting up a golf practice net and hitting thousands of golf balls in my backyard. Building a solid repeatable swing, takes a lot of practice, for me, at least 220 golf balls a day. I would say most touring professionals hit at least 300-400 balls per day, while Moe Norman (the best ball striker that ever lived hit 800 each day)

When practicing, the emphasis should be on quality rather than quantity. However, more practice will only help and sometimes people want to know how much practice is adequate. On average I was hitting roughly 220 golf balls a day, not including chips and putts. How many golf balls do you hit each day?

As you know, making improvements towards your golf swing requires hitting lots of golf balls. You shouldn’t expect any results without spending time at the driving range. 220 golf balls was just a number and could be increased or decreased. Some golfers assume simply taking lessons will improve their golf swing. No matter what any golf pro tells you to do, if you don’t spend time practicing your technique on the driving range, nothing will change.

This poses a significant issue for golfers. I’m guessing 220 golf balls is a lot for the average golfers, and it can add up to a lot of money. Every driving range I have been to sells on average about 100 range balls for $10. That’s only 100 balls, remember, Moe Norman was hitting 800 a day. The only reason I was able to hit 220 was because I worked at a driving range and got complimentary range balls. Before I had a job at a golf course, I was playing the backyard golf game.

I could hit as many golf balls as I wanted into a golf practice net in my backyard. During the winter, it was an indoor golf net in my garage. Buying a golf practice net is extremely inexpensive compared to the cost of range balls and can save your a lot of time and money. If i suddenly had an idea I could hit as many shots I wanted to in the comfort of my own backyard.

I suggest buying a golf practice net to work on your posture, setup, balance, and overall ball striking abilities. Obviously training with a net has its limitation. Your ball flight can tell you a lot of information about your golf swing, practicing into a net will not allow you to see your ball flight. I tended to work more on fundamentals and film my swing practicing into a net. I must say it paid off.

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