Sports Rehab – Top 6 Therapeutic Deep Tissue Portable Electric Massager for Golf Injuries

For a golfer, their physical strength is of immense importance; for golf is, without a doubt, a game/sport that requires significant physical strength and flexibility on the golfer’s end. If you play golf on a regular basis at some point you will feel the wear and tear that the golf swing puts on the body. Injury prevention and treatment is essential for all golfers to learn to increase their longevity in the game. Above all, it is important that you are getting all the essential nutrients your body needs through your diet and supplementation to preform at your best.

Is there anything golfers can count on for attaining that level of strength and flexibility?

Any injury no matter how small can effect golfing performance since the golf swing requires the entire body to function at an optimal level. Most often these injuries are the most nagging and take the longest to heal. The most common golfing injuries may include neck, shoulders, back, foot, lower back, and, golfers elbow. All of which require proper management and most importantly anything that will stimulate the muscles for increase blood flow. Pain relief creams and other remedies may be effective temporarily but for long lasting results staying mobile and increasing blood flow through therapeutic massage and exerciser are very affecting methods.

While steroids and other medication may appear to be the only means, the reality is a bit different.
Massages, for one, can definitely help golfers achieve their goals of physical strength and flexibility. Not just that, but massages have also proven to aid the recovery following an injury. There are many types of massages known; Swedish Massage, Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release etc. However, Deep Tissue Massage stands out amongst the rest, for more reasons than one.

Deep Tissue Massage is basically the type of massage that aims at realigning the deeper layer of muscles and connective tissues. This is achieved by physically breaking up adhesions in the muscle to relieve pain and facilitating the restoration of proper movement thus helping the golfer deliver excellent performance.

Following are the top 6 therapeutic deep tissue electric handheld massagers that have been designed to help golfers recovery from injury and improve their physical health and performance. Having a therapist regularly work on your body can cost a fortune. Luckily I have found these portable electric massagers to really help stimulate and relax my muscles before and after any round of golf.

1. Premium Super Wave Cordless Massager By Bruntmor

This portable massager allows you to relax your tightened muscles very conveniently at your home. After all, what good is a massage if you are not allowed to completely indulge yourself in it? You can simply change the settings to suit your needs at that time; speed, intensity etc. Are all modifiable to give you the best, most professional massage experience you can imagine. Featuring 6 different massage modes, and equipped with 9 different, equally functional heads, this massager is definitely one of a kind and can do wonders to your physical well being.

2. Percussion Therapeutic Circulation Eliminate Adjustable

This wonderful, super handy massager comes with exclusive add ons – variable heat and speed options, and flaunts an anti skid design that makes this product a golfer’s best bet. It works to aid the user’s blood circulation, flexibility, while offering relief from swelling, fatigue and muscle tension by focusing on the body’s pressure pressure points. What’s more, the sleek design on this one is certainly one of its best features.

3. ACEVIVI Percussion Multi Speed Vibration Interchangeable

The effects of this handheld massager go way beyond the skin. This cordless percussion Massager works by targeting the points where it is needed the most . The ACEVIVI Cordless Percussion Massager comes with attachments for foot, legs, back, and shoulders so that no muscle tension is left unattended.

4. Kemier Physio Tissue Massager Infrared

Kemier Physio Tissue Massager’s state of the art design enables it to be used effectively for quintessential deep tissue massage. By improving blood circulation and relieving muscles of fatigue and tension, Kemier Physio Tissue Massager makes the user feel relaxed, rejuvenated and empowered.

5. Styles II Dual Head Percussion Attachments

Relax yourself with Style II Dual Head Percussion like never before. Bid farewell to muscle stiffness, fatigue and feeling of tension with this amazing massager that reaches almost any and all parts of the body that are otherwise inaccessible. It also comes with a heating function that works toward making your massaging experience the most superior one.

6. ELECTIZON Cordless Multi Speed Vibration Percussion Shoulders

The premium quality construction on ELECTIZON Cordless Electric Handheld Body Massager makes it a viable option for any person. Made of durable, top-notch quality products, ELECTIZON was created to last a long time.

For centuries now, massage therapy has been around. However, golfers have only recently realized it’s potential in regards to their game. That said, massage essentially improves blood circulation, provides relief from muscle stiffness, muscle tension and feeling of fatigue and every golfer should use it to their advantage.


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