How To Determine Your Golf Handicap Calculator

Before I go into detail about how to determine your golf handicap calculator, I want to say a few things about the USGA handicap system to begin with. I understand given the nature of the game of golf, many golfers are all on different levels. Golf is supposed to be a game that people can enjoy together at all different skill levels. This handicap system was developed for this very reason, to enable golfers of all different skill levels to effectively compete against one another. This everyone knows already.

What I tend to believe is that the handicap system only holds you back as a golfer.

I have heard stories of some golfers that will lie about their scores just so their handicap will be higher.(sandbagging) This of course is similar to cheating and there is nothing that anyone can do about it, and people thought that this was a game for gentlemen… It is my humble opinion that if a golfer forgets about his or her handicap and starts to concentrate more on their raw score they will see were they will be able to improve at a more rapid pace. Instead of basing your abilities on a “Handicap” that is derived from a mathematical equation, you will be more concerned on what you actually shot on the golf course that day.

However, if you feel the necessity to compare yourself to other golfers through a handicap system, this is the easy 5 step process on how to determine your golfing handicap. Please keep in mind, the more rounds you play and are able to enter the better and more accurate this number will be.

How to determine golf handicap Calculator

Step 1 : Collect Together all of your gross scores. Like I said before, there is a minimum requirement of 5 rounds but the results will not be the same or as accurate if you collected the maximum amount of 20. Also, be sure to note what golf course corresponds with the given score. The course rating and course slope are both required for calculating your golf handicap and are provided on the score card.

Step 2 : Subtract The Course Rating From Your Score. This rating has been determined by the USGA governing body indicating the difficulty level of the golf course. Again a reason why I don’t believe handicap to be an accurate determination of skill level due to the enormous difference in difficulty throughout the year. We all know playing in the winter time can be significantly more difficult than a nice 80 degree day. Wind, Rough height, green speeds, pin locations… AHHH so many variations. How can a single number measure difficulty…

Anyway, where was I..

Ah Yes!

Step 3 : Multiply This Number By 113.

Step 4 : Divide This Amount By The Slope Of The Golf Course To Get The Differential. I don’t know about you, but I like a challenge. Some people refer to this as playing from the big boy tee’s. The slope rating of a golf course will vary for each tee market and determines how difficult to course is playing based on the total yardage a golfer is playing from. Usually the longer the golf course the more difficult.

Step 5 : Repeat For Each Of Your Scores. Once, you have finished, take the lowest differential and multiply it by .96 to get your handicap. If you want to get more accurate when calculating your handicap, use the average lowest differential. This means if you entered in 20 rounds, you can take the lowest 10 differentials, add them up and divide by 10.

At this point you are now your very own miniature golf handicap calculator. You know the ins and outs on what is required to calculate this number. But I almost forgot. There is actually a secret 6th step in the formula I failed to mention.

Step 6 : As Handicap Decreases, Enjoyment Increases. More  important than knowing how to calculate handicap is figuring out how to improve your golfing scores. Like I said before, you now know that a “lower score” – rating X 113 / Slope = Differential X .96  will give you a lower handicap which is truly what we are after.

Whether you shoot 100, 90, 80, 70, or 59 every time you can ALWAYS improve your golf game. For that reason I invite you to read one of the best golfing tips that will change the way you think about golf.


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