How To Hit A Golf Ball In The Fairway

I know of only 3 ways to shorten a golf course, add more distance to your game, use of appropriate angles, and aim for cart paths. There are several ways how to hit a golf ball in the fairway. Sometimes holes don’t have any dogleg to them, so cart paths and angles wont help us. This leaves us with only one option, get more distance off the tee.

Someone who drives the ball 310 yards will have a much easier time scoring than someone who hits the ball 250 off the tee. Instead of having to take mid irons from the fairway players are coming in with wedges from the rough. If you drive the ball into the rough, you could argue in some cases distance is more valuable than accuracy off the tee.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize this. However, people might take it to the extreme, as a result, their game suffers.

What do I mean?

In an attempt to hit the ball as far as you can, consciously you know the harder you swing the further it will go. This is true, producing more club head speed at impact will give you greater overall distance. Players who choose this mindset get a significant amount of distance off the tee, unfortunately, their scores decline.

These are the players who usually have a swagger about themselves; they act as if they beat you but in the end your score is far better. If you see a player that swings harder with his wedge than he does with his driver you know the kind of player I’m talking about. Learning how to dial down or crank up your swing with tempo and rhythm will give you the ability to swing hard with the driver, and finesse your wedges. Having the ability to swing fast is an absolute must and necessary, but not with all your clubs and certainly not all the time.

Simply getting a driver with less loft will automatically increase your distance off the tee. Have you heard this before? Most golfers I play with seem to think this and all have drivers with lofts as low as 8.0 to 9.5. The urge to hit the ball farther has driven people to do whatever they hear. This is what I meant by taking it too far. The relationship between distance and accuracy needs to be a close one. 65% distance and 35% accuracy would be an acceptable combination.

Any shot off a tee box is considered to be your power game and distance does have a slight superiority over accuracy, however, being smart about that power is the key.

If you struggle with distance and hitting fairways, this can make things extremely frustrating and difficult to score. Poor Distance alone can make things challenging if you’re approaching the greens with long irons. Add some accuracy issues and it might take you four shots to get to the green. Hitting Fairways and Greens is something foreign. You better have a 100% up/down rate or your score will suffer.

Did you know the average  PGA Tour player only gets the ball up and down about 56% of the time? This means if you are shooting anywhere from low 80′s to 90′s you want to improve your power and iron game. (Hitting more fairways and greens) It takes a higher scrambling % to take it low, but you can manage to shoot in the 70′s every day with a mediocre short game.

Do you struggle with hitting fairways?

Not hitting fairways makes it difficult to control spin coming into the greens, if you are playing on firm greens, this makes hitting fairways even more of a priority. Furthermore, the chances of catching a horrible lie dramatically increases in the rough than it does in the fairway. Checking your stats for fairways hit can show you the dramatic increase in success rate on your score for the hole. It starts from the tee box.

Going back to loft on drivers, it would be a nifty idea to switch to a driver with more loft 10.5/11 in search for hitting more fairways. The less loft you have the more side spin you can create. Your bad swing with a more lofted club will find the fairway more often than with less loft, not affecting distance.

Golf is a game of misses. Chances are you won’t hit your driver perfect every time. The extra loft will serve as a buffer and sometimes can be the difference between having to re-tee or sneaking off with par.


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