How To Putt Straight

How to improve your putting comes from understanding the ball flight laws, we can assume the ratio for a putt approaches nearly 100% on club face orientation. This means the importance of club face control far surmounts the importance of swing path or direction. This 100% is achieved the slower the putter face is traveling and decreases the faster the swing speed, Learn The Ball Flight Laws. The side spin created in a full shot is much more evident in a full shot, because you see the ball move in the air. With putting, the differential between face angle and swing path does indeed create side spin on a putt, however, has little to no significance on the outcome of the putt. Within the first few inches of the putt, all side spin is removed from the friction the ball has on the green surface.

Not all putts you face are going to be short, so you must add some speed to the putter.  How to putt straight or  initial direction is determined by approximately 85%  face angle at impact and 15% from the putter path.  Face angle and your putter path determine the direction and side spin if any on the golf ball.

Better putting means starting your putts on a desired line without side spin. This is a true end over end roll. Drawing a line on your golf ball will enable you to see if your putts are rolling end over end. Most importantly, make sure your putts are starting on the desired line.

A putt hit with an open face to the target line at 1* and inside out 1*, will result in a pure end over end roll with no side spin. However, this putt will be missed on a 7 foot putt to the right. If the putter face was square to the target line 0* but the path was 1* inside out, the putt will be wobbly with side spin but will still be made.

If you cannot start your putts on-line and control the putter face, regardless of your speed it will be tough to make putts. This means being able to aim your club face is an essential skill for good putting, in combination with touch and feel. (distance control) Learn about the 4 essential skills you need to putt your best.

“The part of your putter you aim with is not the line on your putter but instead the top piece, (rectangle created from toe to heel) setting the putter blade perpendicular to your target line.”

There are several training aids and drills that will teach you how to improve your putting, unfortunately you cannot use them on the golf course. How to putt better and practice perfectly, try the EyeLine Putting Mirror.



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