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iping putting appIntroducing the ping Iping Putting App, the best free golf app for iphone users. Have you ever wondered exactly what kind of putting stroke you have, or if you are using the proper putter? What about your putting tempo, arc, or face angle? Think, if you knew all this information after every putt how easy it would be to improve your putting and finally start to become that unstoppable putter.

Golf improvement comes with proper practice, and that’s practicing the right things with instant feedback. The Iping Putting App is everything that you have been looking for, a true game changer.

Recently, my coach from Sonoma State set me up using the Iping Putting App and I learned a lot about my putting within the first 5 minutes. If you have been searching for something to improve your putting without results, look no further, the Iping Putting App will surly help you and your putting performance. It gives you feedback on 3 of the 4 essential skills involved with putting. The only thing this app will not do is read the greens for you.
best free golf app for iphone

iPing putting App

  • Measures putting arc type: slight in-out-out, strong in-out-in, straight-back-straight through
  • Measures face angle at impact
  • Measures tempo using ratio of time (ms) in back swing to time in through swing
  • Set up to allow for imperfect attachment to shaft — just needs to generally be facing up
  • Software filters discriminate to not record non-strokes as strokes
  • Compare your putting stroke to the Ping Pros
  • Works with iPhone & iPod Touch (using appropriate attachment cradles)

Putting can be the biggest problem in golf, even driving some folks out of the game. If you aren’t making putts, you wont score well, its that’s simple. The Iping Putting App lets you objectivity observe your putting stroke, and tells you what your doing right or wrong. Like all good training aids, its like having a coach in your back pocket. You can easily attach the app to your putter shaft and instantly become your-own coach. Based on information of your individual stroke, the Iping also gives you custom putter fitting suggestions on putter length, loft, and type. You can play around with your stroke, and try to match the numbers of touring pro’s.

I putt five, ten foot putts, from all directions around the hole, Straight up-hill, Straight Downhill, Left-to-right, and Left-to-Right. The Iping Putter App told me I was a slight-arc putter, my natural tendency for straight putts was to aim slightly left of target, then returning an open face to the ball, pushing it on-line. For right-to-left putts I would generally aim at my target anticipating my stroke to push the ball. On left-to-right putts I found out my stroke length got much longer than usual or required, which opened my face more, causing my tempo to change. In general my tempo was very consistent at 1.9 which is the most important piece of information Iping delivers. Practice to make sure your tempo has very little deviation.


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