Laser Putting Alignment Golf Aid – Aiming The Putter Face

How to putt your best and make more putts is determined on your ability to properly aim your putter face. I cannot think of any better way that will do the job better than a laser alignment aid.

laser-putting-alignment-systemLaser Putt golf putting aid

Can you aim the putter where you are thinking, if so, is it actually where you intended?

A laser putting alignment system is one of the many useful training aids that will work on your honesty and putting abilities. Aim is just one of the four skills required for putting and can be the hardest to measure. The easiest and fastest way for me was to practice with a laser putting aid.

What I Learned While Using My Laser Putting Alignment System:

I quickly learned I tend to aim left of my intended target and push the ball back on-line. This of course is a compensations and affects the way I setup to different breaking putts and can be disastrous on different putting greens. Practice with a laser putting trainer aid will help with your putting line, just make sure its capable of mounting to your putter face. Any laser that is attached to your putter will provide you with the instant feedback that results in increasing the quality of your practice.

If You Can Aim The Putter, You Will Make Putts

The physics of the putting stroke say the majority of the golf ball starting line is dependent upon nearly 90% putter face and 10% stroke path. These dynamics change as the speed of the club travels at a faster rate which makes the direction of the path more important with ball striking. Since the putting stroke is moving at a significantly lower rate, the priority is then placed on the direction in which the face is pointing. You can see how this can get golfers into trouble if their aiming the clubface in the wrong position. Where you point the putter at address isn’t necessarily where you return it at impact, their may be compensations. (I aimed left at address, and was slightly open at impact)

If you have trouble aiming the putter,  the amount of compensations you’re putting stroke will have are likely to be high. These putting stroke compensations are nothing to stress over as long as you can repeat the same movements. It becomes difficult however when the pressure is turned on and your stroke is, shall I say, complicated. The more simple the putting stroke action the better.When you can properly aim, then it’s just about getting the right speed, which is a entirely different discussion. Remember, you can use a laser on your putter to show your alignment.

Fundamentals That Are Required For Good Aim

Having good putting alignment and aim comes from the grip, eye positions at address, and griping the putter face square. Once these are all properly positioned and worked into your setup, it’s just a matter of learning how to point it correctly, which any laser putting trainer and putting mirror can easily help you with. I’ll say it again, anytime you can get instant feedback during practice means you are going for the quality of practice. Learn the best indoor putting drills to groove your putting stroke.

The computer in our brain is afraid to fail and automatically builds compensations into our putting strokes without us even realizing it. The cause for these compensations and bad aim, is mainly because of how we perceive it. Since everyone sets up to a golf ball differently this puts our eyes in different positions over the ball. You are only able to aim to the ability that your eyes see the hole. The view created from our eyes to the hole will determine how we aim the putter face. Feedback from external sources such as laser putting aids or alignment systems makes sure our brain doesn’t get to creative.

A successful putting setup can be achieved several different way. You should not pay too much attention to your posture and stance as they are relatively insignificant. As long as your are comfortable, confidence, and relaxed you have built the best possible putting setup for yourself. However, to putt well, your eyes must be either vertically over the golf ball or over the target line (to the right) behind the ball. You can check this be simply dropping a ball from your eyes to see where it lands or using the Eyeline Putting Mirror. It’s when your eyes are positioned outside or inside the target line you are misled by your optical impression causing you to aim the putter face in the wrong direction.

If I were to position my eyes inside the ball-target line, the line I see is to the right of the hole, I aim and miss right. If I set my eyes outside the ball-target line I will see a line left of the hole, and I miss the that side because I aim the putter face in that direction.

Take Ben Crenshaw’s advice: “Don’t try to look like anyone else when you putt.”

Just make sure you practice the correct fundamentals and use any laser putting alignment system. A laser putting alignment trainer and putting mirror are two great putting aids I use to work on my fundamentals.


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