Mechanize your Golf Swing via Exclusive Workouts

A Unique physique and the sport to match has made the 21st century man, juggle many aspirations, but with smart planning, dedication and the right technique you can tailor your  work-out to suit an inimitable swing . Learn the formula behind the best ball-striker that you can become.

The Exceptional Swing

Golf is changing. Course conditions have greatly improved especially around the greens leaving scoring less to chance. Equipment continues to make the game easier for the beginner and more advanced players. A less spinning golf ball and huge drivers are making many golf courses obsolete. Without a doubt it’s a power game now.

Swing Speed + Launch Angle + Backspin = More Distance!

Everyone swing the golf club differently. It’s your job to optimize your attack angle with your given swing speed. Of course, the faster you can swing the club, the more distance you will produce. Make sure to stretch and strengthen the hips and torso giving yourself the best chance to swing as fast as you are capable.

Changing attack angle is one of those variables that can dramatically increase distance while keeping swing speed constant. This is exciting because if you have reached a point where you cannot swing any faster or are limited attack angle can be your holy grail to increased distance. In general having a positive attack angle will reduce spin and launch the ball higher. This means more carry and roll distance.

I wrote extensively on how to achieve this result and hit the ball farther here.

  • Big shoulder turn – It is important to turn your left shoulder under your chin instead of raising your hands and arms.
  • Forward weight shift – To start the downswing shift your weight to your left side. This will allow the club to come down on a nice plane with lag.
  • Maintain Lag – Without lag there is nothing to “hit” the ball with.
  • Swing through the ball – Both arms should be straight about 2 feet after the ball leaves the clubface. This is the fastest part of your swing. Holding your finish will help teach you to swing through the ball.
  • Hit the middle of the Clubface – Hitting the ball in the center of the face dramatically increases total distance and reduces spin from gear effect.

Master the Pillar Formation

While playing golf, it is essential to master the pillar formation. The pillar formation is the foundation of the entire sport and also helps your body get a workout. It is basically getting your posture right. The results derived from the posture include balancing, control, and prevention from injury.  The core muscles transfer energy from your body to the club during the swing; so the formation is vital to create dynamic swings. Add these specific workouts to your routine to strengthen your core. Pillar Bridge, Glute Bridges, Lateral Pillar Bridge, Plank With Arm Lift, and Mini Band Hip Rotations.

Prepare to move

Before you play make sure to stretch out. Here you put your body weight to work. Increased flexibility will make it so much easier to get to a full backswing and maintain posture through the ball.  Focusing on Groin, hamstrings,hips, and rotary muscles will free up your swing the most.

Weight and Power

Next are the power and strength exercises. The workout involves weight lifting and has two major advantages. The first is self-control; while motion and flexibility remains important throughout the game, it becomes equally inevitable to stay upright and stiff at certain instances. Examples can be the peak of back swing and the moment when you have to control the force you are applying. Second benefit is that the muscles become stronger gradually so that the required force can be applied to the ball.
To train for golf, you can use additional equipment. For example, you can use cables, free weights and medicine balls. This gives you the potential to send your ball further away. You can also squat and jump, do some overhead throws, Romanian dead lifts, pushups, split squats, bent over flat pull, lift, parallel throws and perpendicular throws.

The Recovery and Remedy!

The last stage of the workout is recovery. Recovery is important for all the tough and difficult steps. When the whole body comes into activity, pressure is applied to all muscles at once and all body parts start to ache. This strain can cause tissue or muscular rupture and can even lead to more severe injuries if a proper recovery plan is not observed. The best form of recovery is massage. A massage cools down the warmed up muscles and they revert to their original state. Meditation, foam roll, and yoga are also great remedies.


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