Moe Norman Video – Talks Golf Psychology

Moe Norman was one of the greatest ball-strikers that ever lived.  There is a golf school called Moe Norman golf academy that focuses just on Moe Norman’s golf swing and techniques. Today’s Touring Pro’s would sit and watch him hit straight shot after straight shot on the driving range, even purposefully putting himself in divots. Moe Normans Golf Swing was original, no  golf professional would teach it today, because of its unorthodox look. Despite how unorthodox his golf swing looked, it matched his personality and worked. He claimed to be the only human that knows how to hit a golf ball “Pure and straight, every time.” Unlike traditional golf instruction, Moe Normans grip was primarily in the palms of both his hands. His golf swing described as a single plane golf swing. Ben Hogan would say that anytime he hit a straight shot it was an accident. Moe Norman would tell Ben, “I will keep hitting these accidents then.” to Moe Norman it was no accident. Moe Normans golf personality made it hard for him to compete in the United States on the PGA Tour. This is why so many people today still haven’t heard of him. He played most of his golf where he grew up on the Canadian Tour.

In this insightful Moe Norman Video he discusses several golfing tips and important golf psychology topics that will surly improve your golf game and overall enjoyment.

Moe Normans golf thoughts in performing well —-

  • Full extension “back” and “Through”.
  • My club must never “Twist” or “Turn” in my swing.
  • I play into my legs.
  • I employ the least moving parts.
  • I swing “through” the ball “Not at it”.
  • I let my swing “Balance” me.
  • Try “Smarter” not “harder”
  • Learn to “Have to” into “Want to”
  • Never think of the money, get the ball into the hole.
  • Don’t let the game “Eat you”, you “Eat The Game”.
  • You are what you “Think You Are”.
  • Winners see what they want, losers see what they don’t want.
  • I let my clubs do the talking, not my “Mouth”.
  • Solid thinking “Good Golf”, bad thinking “Bad Golf”.
  • Always be in a good frame of mind.
  • I always play “Target Golf”.
  • Negative thinking hurts more than negative swinging.
  • I always concentrate on playing one shot at a time.
  • Believe 100% in my ability.
  • I always believe in myself not someone else.
  • Stop being afraid of yourself.
  • Stop being afraid of not doing well.
  • Winners play golf automatically.
  • Believing in your “Mental Image” will make you a master.
  • Imagination is the key to success.
  • Swing the arms “Up” as the body “Turns Away”.
  • Be in charge of your thinking.
  • Stop worrying about when your going to die, but how you will live.
  • Imagination and visualization are my keys to success!!


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