P90x Workout Review For Golf

It’s common that golfers get more serious about their bodies and specific golf workout routines in the winter months. Days are shorter, which means less time on the golf course and more time not practicing. Working out, trying to strengthen your body is a terrific supplement for this missed practice time. Certain golf training programs can require lots of money and work just to get started. If you are looking for an effective and easy to follow winter golf training program, consider p90x for golf. If you want to create a better golf swing for yourself and can set aside at least 1 hour a day, the p90x workout program is just what you and you golf game been looking for.

P90x was perfect for me and my golf game and will work for you. The best part about p90x is that you don’t need a gym membership and can workout in the comfort of your own home. Also, everything is already mapped out for you leaving no room for guess work. For each day of the week, there is a different dvd for each workout. It’s as straightforward as reading the p90x calendars and putting in the dvd. Aside from building strength, flexibility, and balance through the workouts, you will also get the p90x nutrition guild. You need to think of yourself as a Ferrari, nothing but the best goes into that engine. All you need is a pullup bar, dumbbells, 1 hour of your time, and a kick ass attitude.

What is this P90x Workout Program that I speak of?

12 Highly Diverse workouts which all benefit your golf swing.

  • Chest & Back
  • Plyometrics
  • Shoulders & Arms
  • Yoga X (Best yoga for golf)
  • Legs & Back
  • Kenpo X
  • X Stretch (Highly recommended out of all of the dvd’s)
  • Core Synergistics
  • Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps
  • Back & Biceps
  • Cardio X
  • Ab Ripper X

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The Diet of a Champion

Phase 1: Contains higher-protein diet that focuses on fat loss as you begin building lean muscle.

Phase 2: It’s a boost of energy, mixing the perfect balance between carbs and protein.

Phase 3: Finally, ultimate performance. A extremely athletic diet with complex carbs and lean protein.

The golf swing is not something that someone can do that is out of shape. The stronger and more flexible you get the easier it will be for your body to preform the necessary movements in the golf swing. Lets say you have been working on getting the club in a particular spot during the top of your swing but haven’t been able to obtain that position. This is most likely due to your body not being able to get to that position in the first place. The harder you work this out on the range, the more frustrated you become.

Tour players are able to achieve these remarkable position and shoulder turns due to their bodies being like gumby. Flexibility and strength is so vital in the golf swing, it should be worked on just as much as swing mechanics. Take control of your body and your golf game, do something that will make you confident and improve your golf game. I’m just making a suggestion to use p90x for your golf fitness needs, however, if its not p90x for golf, do something that will improve your overall fitness level.

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