Practice Fast or Slow? I’ll Let You Decide

To dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes in developing your golf skills, I encourage practicing your golf swing in slow motion. Slow motion drills will allow your brain and body to learn the proper golf swing movements quickly and effectively.

“You put garbage in today, you get garbage out tomorrow.” Moe Norman came up with some of the greatest quotes about the game of golf. Since he spent so much time practicing the game of golf (usually hitting 800 golf balls per day) he knew what kind of practice returned the best results.

In order to become the best golfer that you can be, learning and understanding what works the best is critical. If I were to show you a golfer that practiced his golf swing in slow motion and put him aside another that hit ball after ball with no effort put in slowing down, I would bet the first golfer will have a better awareness of his swing causing him to be more consistent and repeatable.

Professionals And Their Patience

The reason you don’t already practice your golf swing in slow motion, or it’s not talked about is because it takes lots of patience that most golfers aren’t willing endure. I understand it can be boring to practice your putting stroke or golf swing without hitting a ball, let alone in slow motion. Sometimes these habits do the most in terms of developing our golfing talent and ability. This is not you, at least not anymore.

I can promise if you spend more time practicing your golf swing in slow motion it will reward you with a comfortable and repeatable golf swing. This of course means lower scores on the golf course. Not only will you learn faster, but each position in the golf swing will be more precise, provided that you practice them in front of a mirror. Most professional golfer competing on the PGA Tour today have the watchful eyes of a teacher. Throughout Tiger Wood’s Career he has made several different swing and instructor changed. If you are at a loss for what positions are idle for your golf swing, having your local golf teaching professional will help tremendously. I can also recommend getting your hands on as many golfing books as you can to educate yourself on the mechanics of the golf swing.

I used to think the more golf balls I hit on the driving range the better and faster I would get. Today my beliefs have changed since then about the strategies I use to improve my golf swing and game as a whole. Quality is not more important than quantity. When practicing I try to get as involved as possible in a single shot, if I didn’t preform that shot exactly how I should have or wanted to, I hit the pause button.

Benefits of Slowing It Down

There is a right way and a wrong way to develop that repeatable golf swing, and I want you to practice the right way.

It would be ideal if you had a large mirror where you intend to practice.(periodically checking address, takeaway, top of backswing, impact, follow-through, and finish positions) Since you will be swinging very slowly, its easy for your eyes to wonder. Be sure to place a golf ball on the ground in the proper ball position as if you were going to strike a golf shot.

The trick when practicing this is to not get impatient. The tendency is often to speed up or give up halfway through the total motion. Slow motion means SLOW, really really Super SLOW. When you think you are practicing in slow motion, slow it down even more.

Very, very, slowly is the key. One swing is slow motion is like 100 swings on the driving range, and you will have gotten every position correct.

Practice Your Slow Motion Golf Swing In Chunks

Practicing just from address to top of backswing then downswing to impact. Once you master each segment, then you can combine them into one slow motion total motion working all the way to a complete finish. Feel and imagine a pure shot with a particular shot shape holding the finish and seeing the ball fly. After completing several swings in slow motion, you can practice a few swings at normal speed followed by more slow motions swings to further ingrain the newly learned movements.

Quality Practice = Repeatable Golf Swing and Consistency

If you ever wondered how to get quality golf practice, now you know. Repetition, repetition, repetition. It’s easy to catch yourself making a mistake in slow motion. If this happens, simply understand what went wrong and start all over from the beginning.


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