Temporary Motivation

It’s that time of the year, the beginning, a fresh start. The New Year! Happy 2012! YAy!

This is known to be the best time of celebration, followed by everyone knowing how to set goals. I just want to give you something to think about. What are your new years resolutions? I know you thought about them, that’s why I called this post temporary motivation.

Is it possible one of your resolutions has something to do with the game of golf, specifically how much better you want to be?

At first this might sound a little strange so hopefully I can explain myself.

Its unfortunate at this time of year the weather doesn’t  seem to cooperate with golfers. Some of us are still out there, but many golfers would rather wait until they can feel the club in their hands.  Some just don’t like dirt on their ball, or maybe it’s the lift clean and cheat rule they don’t like. Let’s face it golf in the winter season doesn’t   compare to a round played in the summer. I am going to go as far to say they are like two different games.

I see something weird that happens at this time of the year, and maybe you do aswell. You usually see this on the driving range, where everyone goes. The beginning of January is cold; cold enough to stop people from regularly practicing.  So, why is the driving range so packed the beginning of January? Come late January, early February, the same diehards aren’t so diehard after all.

(You can relate this to anything else in life)

Maybe it can be chalked  up to a simple concept.

Some people just want it more than others.

This brings me to what Ive come to recognize as temporary motivation. It’s the time of year when suddenly everyone wants to make self improvements. As if they are only allowed that opportunity once a year. So, goals are set. Of course, there must be some high level of belief, I doubt anyone would intentionally set themselves up for failure.

So my question is what happened late January, early February? Have people succeeded already, or just rationalized with themselves? I hate to use the word quit.

The truth is, every other day is just like 1/1/2012. On 10/1/2012, we can set goals for 10/2/2012, just as we do for the new year.

How badly do you want what you have asked from yourself?

There shouldn’t be anything temporary about it.

Happy New Year!

Lets all Go make a hole-in-one today!




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