The Perfect Putter – Golf Putting Trainer Review

Perfect-Putter-18One of the more serious training aids for golfers. The Perfect Putter is an extremely accurate instrument in showing a golfer a true roll. Setup the Perfect Putter on the intended aim and select a speed then watch it roll. You may be amazed in what you learn.

It’s fascinating how far the game has come since the standard plum-bob approach to reading greens. Today we have very sophisticated techniques such as aimpoint to determine an exact or optimal speed/break to making a putt. As you know there are many different speed/line combinations which the Perfect Putter aid can instantly show you.

Having the Perfect Putter is a very objective way to understanding how the greens are rolling at any different golf course.

It maximizes the golfers feedback during practice while also doubling as a Stimpmeter to gauge the speed of the greens. The Perfect Putter will not directly improve your putting stroke but used with other putting practice drills can be a solid foundation to a bulletproof putting performance.

With the Perfect Putter you can separate your practice from reading greens to making a good stroke. Since the Perfect Putter is perfect, it will roll the ball the same every single time. Watch ball after ball drop into the cup with the same speed and see if you read the putt correctly by how you aligned the Perfect Putter. Try giving the putt a little less or little more speed with the same line and see what happens.

What is more important? Speed or line.31JgKc4xbgL

There are only a few things you need to get right to be a great putter. All of which are very hard to gauge without any objective eyes or tools helping you complete the task. With the right systems in place and proper practice regimen putting like the pros is something very attainable in a short period of time.

The downside to the Perfect Putter is that it retails for $299. However its still cheaper than your Scotty Cameran that’s not “Perfect.”

If you really want to understand and observe how a ball rolls on the greens the Perfect Putter will do that for you.

Here’s a video of how Kevin Streelman uses the device.


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