The Waggle

Want to know how to tell a good ball-striker from a chop? Well, there are many factors that go into that, but I can tell you one of them is the waggle. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the range and saw golfers swing without waggling the golf club.

They look very frozen over the ball and have no trigger to start their swing. No flow = no go. Adding a waggle to your pre-shot routine is not only fun but highly rewarding. To someone who doesn’t understand the value of the waggle it could appear to be an unnecessary movement.

The waggle is the movements of the club head just prior to making a swing. Sometimes it’s not one waggle but two, enough to allow you to feel the shot. The waggle is accomplishing several different things. Aside from just feeling the path you are going to take the club back on; you are making adjustments to your grip pressure, re-gripping with fingers from your left and right hand. This will let you to get more comfortable making sure your hands are strong and in control. Make sure you are paying attention to the weight of the sweet spot on the club face. That’s where you want to hit the ball.

The waggle starts as soon as you are addressing the ball, you can think of it as a dance. Simultaneously, as you setup to the golf ball, you should waggle the golf club. At first, this may be exceedingly difficult, but try not to think as much about your movements. I once heard there was a group of humans that died off because they couldn’t stop thinking about their movements. So relax you will get better.

This is going to start the tempo for your swing, and you will be able to feel it within your body. Your jerky swinging days are over thanks to the waggle. Not only are you waggling with the club, but shuffling back and forth with your feet. (weight transfer from right to left) Try to feel your feet and legs come alive as the ground  becomes connected to your shoes.

When you can do all these things while throwing in a few peeks towards your target, you’ve got it. Just remember after you complete your last waggle you need to pull the trigger. Wait for a fraction of a second too long and you will lose that smooth relaxed feeling.

The waggle is such a small movement making it overlooked. Golf is a game of details and most of the time it’s the little things that end up doing the most for your game. (Start paying attention to small details)


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