Tiger Woods Chipping Yips At Waste Management Phoenix Open

It is no surprise that tiger has a lot of work to do if he plans on capturing another major in 2015.

With Tiger’s limited schedule and his expectation to win every tournament he enters an opening round 73 followed up by 82 at the waste management Phoenix open is just not getting the job done.

No matter what Tiger Woods does he is sure to make headlines in the media. We have been so accustomed to associating Tiger with winning 79 PGA Tour events and 14 major championships, 82 is alarmingly shocking considering who shot the number.

Does Tiger Woods Have The Yips?

“It’s golf, we all have days like this.” 

Let’s not forget that Tiger woods is no stranger to winning and is very comfortable being in contention in tournaments. I think people are too quick to draw conclusions when Tiger Woods and yips are using in the same sentence.

We got a quick glimpse into Tiger’s mind and how he deals with adversity.

“We take the good with the bad”

“Even on bad days like this just keep fighting, cause on the good days you gotta keep fighting as well.” 

A similar mental approach all time best ball striker Moe Norman takes.

Tiger and his new swing instructor Chris Como are working hard to shallow out his attack angle. Moving in the exact opposite direction of what his last coach Sean Foley had him doing.

“I was caught right in between patterns. It was old pattern new pattern.”

A steep attack angle will require a swing direction to the left in order to 0 out the swing plane. It’s hard to forget the intentional over-the-top rehearsal move Tiger repeatedly made when working with Sean.

With a more shallow plane, Tiger will not longer have to swing as much left to get a ball to start on line.

Training in pressure situations gives you confidence and it’s confidence that Tiger needs if he wants to get himself back into contention. Although this performance may hurt, this is exactly what Tiger Woods needs starting the 2015 season.

He will have some nice memories return at next week’s Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines in San Diego, where he’s won eight times including his 14th major championship back in 2008 at the U.S Open.


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