Tiger Woods Putting Drills

Practicing Tiger Woods putting drills will only make you better at his drills. Someone once told me, if I didn’t learn how to putt, I better give up the game. Scoring is done with putting, if putts don’t go in, you will not score well.

40-45% of the Game of Golf — combining the best golf lore in history with modern neuroscience for instinctive perceptual and movement processes in putting.

It’s hard not to get caught up today in practicing all the hype you hear on the golf channel. What is tiger woods practicing today? Oh, I better go do that drill if Tiger Woods is doing it.

Sounds familiar?

What works for the number one player in the world might not work for everyone else, or vice verse. Instead of practicing Tiger Woods putting drills, pay more attention to what is going to make you a better putter. This of course means learning the fundamentals and applying them to your game as easily as you possible can.

How do you learn the fundamental?

It has been shown that the best putters in the world all know the same secrets that the rest of golfers will never know. I finally discovered what it takes to become one of the best putters in the world.

I found this easy to read book that dramatically improved the number of putts I holed each round and finally had the answers. I now average about 3-4 birdies a round, and can secure par a lot more often if I miss a green. The people you play with will start to grow frustrated, and want to know your secret.

I learned everything I was working on had nothing to do with becoming better. In fact, I was just delaying my development. Mostly everything taught today about putting has no factual basis behind it. We are told, the stroke needs to be same back same through, accelerate, keep your head down, forward shaft lean, never leave it short, and it all distracts you from what actually makes a difference. If they helped, golfers would know how to putt, but they don’t. You are only putting bandages on the real problem without addressing it.

“Every golfer needs four skills every putt”: Read, aim, putt straight at target with masterly touch — INSTINCTIVELY.

“Once I start the putter back, it seems the stroke completes itself.” — Ben Crenshaw summarizing his stroke after 35 years of experience.

Autopilot putting drills for each of the skills.

Tiger Woods Putting Drills

  • 100% from 3 feet
  • 100% from 6 feet
  • 50% from 9 feet


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