Titleist 917 Vs. Taylor-Made M2 Vs. Callaway Epic Driver Review 2017

Looking for the right driver for your bag in 2017? Sometimes it can be hard to decide which driver to go with since they are all getting so much better, don’t they?  2017 has been the year that’s seen the most advancements and variations in golf drivers. The game is getting longer and hitting fairways is increasingly more important than ever. Honestly, you wont go wrong with any of these selections but each driver is different and going with the right driver for your game and preferences can really lead to lowering your handicap this season.

Taylor Made M1,M2

This is TaylorMade’s most movable Driver, and now if things weren’t amazing enough already, it has been updated with the addition of the sliding weight track system. It will be safe to say that this is the very first time this technology has been joined into a driver. The M1 driver revels in an average size and tour friendly head shape, in a recently constructed sole, which will speak to a bigger audience of golfers. The incorporation of the 27 gram sliding weight track we’ve all been singing praises for gives you the chance to control your driver from a draw, fade shot shape OR neutral. A super lightweight aluminum loft sleeve enables you to reach a range of adjustability by 3 degree increases.

Designed to perfection particularly for distance and playability, the TaylorMade M2 driver has a very eye-catching outlook; with the notable M family to thank. The M2 has been constructed with a similar two tone crown. Proceeding with the most recent Geocoustic technology, this driver flaunts remarkable feel and sound, through its re-designed sole and speed pocket. This will allow you more significant speed, and forgiveness. If you are looking for workability and overall distance the TaylorMade M2 is your club selection. Although the feedback and feel is not as good as the Callaway you will get a well performing driver with the M2.

Titleist 917 D2,d3 Driver

A driver with portable weight is nearly as mundane these days as the word mundane! Be that as it may, the weight slug on the sole in this case, is something out of the ordinary. The cylinder is available in two forms: a neutral adaptation and a heavy-top form. The former rendition keeps the weight low and deep to augment forgiveness. The heavy-top variant holds that weight back, however it can be flipped, so there’s more weight toward the heel or the toe to supervise direction. The best part is that the 917 drivers fulfill this without meddling with the great look, sound and feel of a Titleist driver. Lofts: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 12/8.5, 9.5, 10.5 (all customizable to fit your needs; +1.5/ – 0.75)

The Titleist 917 driver has a grey crown which is different from the traditional black drivers of the past. This is Titleist first driver with any kind of adjustable weighting feature. Other than the added weight feature, looking down at the Titleist is still clean and simple allowing you to focus your attention mostly on the golf ball for superior ball striking. I still think that the Titleist clubs look the best from a players perspective with not a lot of busy features on the head.

Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

Epic Distance, epic Forgiveness; epic everything in this one! The GBB Epic Driver is a genuine migration: an intense, low-spinning Tour-level driver that is, in addition, extremely forgiving – an incredible mix; one that is never seen before. Its fast/low-spin attributes make it especially appealing to Tour players, however, it is so astoundingly forgiving and simple to release that an extensive range of players will want to get their hands on this one. Out of the three drivers the Callaway Epic GBB takes the #1 spot for overall feel and distance. The head has the softest feel out of all 3 drivers even when hit with a hard golf ball. Although it’s super soft off the face the ball launches off the face with very high ball speed and compression.


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