Top 10 Golf Specific Workout Fitness Equipment

Golf, just like any other sport/game, requires you to be in your best form. Being physically fit will enable you to experience levels you could never otherwise have anticipated. At first glance, swinging it and hitting a golf ball doesn’t seem like all that strenuous of a movement, however looks can be deceiving. A nice chest and ripped abs won’t kill anybody, and certainly look good but sometimes its tricky to know what muscle groups and workouts will provide the most benefit to your golf game. isn’t that so?

With all those sudden movements, a golfer must have a lot of strength, mobility, flexibility and stamina. The amount of exertion is undeniably imprudent – but you mustn’t worry; with the right diet, exercise and equipment, you can very well turn disasters into triumphs. The wrong workouts can do more harm than good and leave you sidelined for an entire season. You owe it to yourself to start practicing the right habits that will produce results. I have come up with the top 10  best golf specific workout fitness equipment I have used over the years. I know these will help improve your overall fitness and golf game.

1. Hand Grip Strengthener Forearm Grip Workout Kit

Even though golf involves a lot of action of pretty much the whole body, hands and arms (forearms) are, to an extent, the key players. This hand grip strengthener aids recovery from hand injury or diseases like arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel etc. Not just that, this workout kit also builds up strength in your fingers, wrists, elbows and forearms. It is super handy and adjustable, and it is fit for everybody’s use; men and women alike, large and small hands alike. What people often overlook is you can only swing the golf club faster if your hands and fingers are strong enough to support the speed. If you want to increase your club head speed this is a great exercise to get more speed fast.


One stick for everything! The ultimate golf stretching/exercise pole/ warm up tool – PRO Fitstick. The professional athletes use it, you should too! This cutting-edge, proven training equipment shows results. It offers impeccable flexibility and mobility because of its flexible, bendable design. Physiotherapists recommend PRO Fitstick because its exercises are simple, versatile and all the while effective. PRO Fitstick is not just ideal for golf but also for stability and postural exercises. Use it for your warm up or the entire exercise routine – it works like a charm, either way! Leave it in your bag and travel with it to every course. You can also use it as an alignment aid.

3.  Olympic / Gymnastic Rings

Olympic / gymnastic rings are amongst the most effective exercise equipment. Not typically prescribed for golf I decided to put the rings to the test and have loved the results. Essentially, olympic/gymnastic rings allow you to workout your entire body – from your head down to your toes! For top-class, full body workout, gymnastic rings are the way to go. If you want serious results and are willing to put in the work you will see amazing results. I increased 20 yards on my drives after practicing different moves on the rings. You can travel with these and setup your personal gym wherever you can hang the rings. Definitely and advanced workout equipment.

4. TRX Suspension Trainer

This portable, all-in-one gym is everything you have been longing for! Your workout routine will never be the same, with this amazing, compact suspension trainer. Its easy to assemble and dissemble, so you can very easily carry it with yourself wherever you go!

5.  Joey D Golf Workout DVD

Designed exclusively for golf, Joey D. Golf Workout walks you through the entire golf workout process in a very systematic, orderly albeit friendly manner so that it positively affects you, inside and out.

6. Jump Rope For Golf

Skipping rope goes back as far back as one can remember. You did it when you were 11, and you should do it now, regardless of your age. It helps strengthen your bones and muscles whilst improving your agility, balance and hand to eye coordination a great deal. Perfect for golf endurance and fine muscles of the legs.

7. Golf  Momentus Powerhitter Weighted Club

This revolutionary, unique weighted practice driver is designed to perfection. Practicing with the Golf Powerhitter Weighted Club can assist you in adding extraordinary distance to your tee shots, that too after just one practice session on the driving range! By swinging a weighted club you are working out all the golfing specific muscles. After swinging this club only a couple times your regular clubs feels very light and easy to hit. Adding this routine is extremely beneficial especially before a round of golf.

8. Foam Roller For Golf

Not just for injury recovery but muscle maintenance. Golfing and working out can cause muscles to get short and tight. Using a foam roller regularly will make sure your muscles and nice and loose for easy swinging. Use these Foam Rollers to stretch and release to recover from inflammation or injury so that you may get back in the game, and better than ever. There are various different types of foam rollers for deep tissue or easy rolling.

9. SKLZ Core Wheel

Yet another astonishing development in fitness equipment, the SKLZ Core wheel works to unfold dynamic core strength, toned muscles through push up exercises, and pillar strength throughout the body, especially in shoulders, torso and hips.

10. P90x Workout DVD For Golf And Fitness

With the Power 90 Extreme DVD Workout, you can now get professional training from the comfort of your home. Not just that, the p90x also includes a complete nutrition plan so that you can improve your diet, a workout calendar so that you can track your progress, and a fitness guide created by experienced professionals. My favorite workouts in the P90X program are yoga X and Ab Ripper X for golf.

So, what are you waiting for? Get set and GolfInRed!


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