Top 10 Golfing Training Aids- Your Key to Professional Level Golfing

Are you looking for a better way to improve your golfing game? Now there is a superior way to improve your game. Whether you need to perfect your putting skills or improve your golf swinging technique, these golf training aids have proved to be very helpful. Let’s face it, there is a lot of useless training aids on the market today. I want to share my top 10 training aids that have increased my understanding and skill of the game. A good training aid I believe is one that you can continue to use throughout your entire career and is hard to replace. Here we go…..

Top 10 BEST Golf Training Aids On The Market.


1. Golfnsticks Golf Alignment Sticks

Proper alignment is key to a successful shot, which can be perfected by these tools. Alignment is one of the most important fundamentals that must be mastered. This alignment tool helps improve your putting, chipping, and full swing skills. Throw them down to practice with perfect aim and alignment. This training aid is used by PGA instructors as well.

2. EyeLine Golf Edge Mirror

The edge mirror lets you make sure that you are hitting the shot perfectly. It will help you see your body alignment, so that you can fix it for an optimal shot. The alignment lines help you aim the ball to desired target. If you putter face is aligned properly with your over the ball perfectly you will see the line better and make more putts.  This mirror works on all of these and is small enough to store in your golf ball. Works perfect for pre-round warm ups and practice sessions.

3. Momentus Power Hitter Driver

Momentus Power Hitter Driver helps you add distance to your tee shots. Simply practice with this hittable weighted practice driver for up to 20 minutes and add an extra yard for each minute to your tee shots. This forces your golf muscles to get a work out. After swinging the power hitter you will gain tremendous control with not only your driver but your iron shot will feel easy. I strongly recommend training with a weighted golf club and being able to hit balls with it is a bonus.


4. Sklz Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer 48′

The Sklz Gold Flex golf swinger possesses a flexible shaft, which helps in improving your golf swing. This golfing aid gives strength to your core muscles and improves your tempo as well. Smoothen out your swing to get the best shots with this training aid. Gain effortless power by creating and maintaining lag in your golf swing.

5. Exelys Breakmaster

The breakmaster is a must for anyone that is serious about improving their putting. Aimpoint has recently revolutionized the way golfers read break and execute putts. Nowadays there is no reason to guess on a putt. Judging how much the ball will break on the turf before reaching the hole can be tricky. It varies due to a lot of factors. The Exelys Breakmaster helps you ascertain how much break the ball may face on the green, so you can adjust and hit the perfect shot. Find out the slope of the green for any pin with the breakmaster. Used by PGA Tour players and caddies to check pin locations.

6. Swingyde

Movement in the wrist can sometimes be confusing to golfers. A Swingyde reduces the possibility of an incorrect tilting of your wrists in the swing. It maintains the proper distance between the wrist and the club to give you better shots every time. It easy to use and will attach to all your clubs.

7. Laser Putt Golf Putting Aid

This is the ultimate training aid for your putting. This revolutionary golfing aid helps you improve the precision of your shots with instant feedback. This is an easily attachable device which has two lasers, Green and Red, which helps in alignment and distance control of the shot respectively. Over 50 PGA Tour Pros “fine tune” their putting with this laser.

8. Impact Bag

This device is famous for teaching you the correct position of impact. Basically, a good shot is all about the impact, which needs to be square on target. Get your impact positions right, with an impact bag! Perfect for indoor practice and getting your hands to lead the clubshaft.

9. Swingbyte 2 Golf Swing Trainer

Similar to radar devices such as Trackman, Swingbyte gives instant detailed swing information such as club path, attack angle, face angle, tempo, 3d render of your swing, and much much more. This device weighs less than one ounce and easily attachable to all kinds of clubs. When you hit a shot it sends digitalized feedback, to a connected Smartphone or a tablet, through a Bluetooth connection. You can then ascertain the flaws in the shot and can work on how to improve them.

10. Eyeline Golf Ball of Steel

A normal golf ball is light and tricky to handle. Better contact is the key to a good shot. These balls weigh 5 times more than the normal balls, so you can practice the contact and master the shots. Putting with these balls will promote solid contact and eliminate a decelerating stroke.

When you come to play the game, come along with all the tools of the trade. Get these golfing aids today, and achieve a whole new level of success in golf.


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