Improve Golf Swing With Weighted Golf Club

Weighted golf club momentus power hitterEvery golfer at all skills levels should own and practice with a weighted golf club training aid that is moderately difficult to swing. The golf club weight should weigh at least 22 ounces. Practicing with a weighted golf training club is the best exercise that will build the necessary muscles for a repeatable and powerful golf  swing.

It helps if the weighted golf club has a regular grip, allowing you to take your natural stance just as you would without a weighted club. The Momentus Power Hitter Driver has a regular grip and allows you to hit full shots. Being able to hit full shots with a weighted training aid such as the power hitter is not necessary, just simply a bonus.

In fact, while training with the Momentus Power Hitter or any other weighted golf club I suggest swinging in slow motion. First off, you don’t want to hurt yourself or cause any unnecessary injury, but you also benefit a considerable amount from swinging in slow motion. The longer you hold the club in certain position the faster and easier the brain is able to learn the swing. Adding weight to the equation will only help more. This will not be any easy task and will be tiring, so practice the night before a round, and save your energy for the day you tee off.

Training for faster swing speed: If you want to swing something fast, attach a grip to an alignment rod swing as fast as you can training your fast twitch muscles.

To make fast and lasting improvements to your golf swing, practice in slow motion with a weighted golf club. i.e.| Momentus Power Hitter. You can do this indoors preferably with a mirror positioned down the line and face on.

Learning how to swing a heavy club fast will only translate into fasted club head speed with your regular weighted golf clubs. As a suggestion, once you become comfortable controlling a heavier golf club, it would be wise to up the swing weight for your entire set. Swinging heavier golf clubs will give you a lot more control and eliminate some problems that extremely light clubs can cause. The idea is to get stronger by practicing with some type of weighted golf club training aid.

Momentus makes weighted golf clubs from a driver, iron, and lob wedge. They have different weights to suite your strength level. However, all these different types of weighted clubs are not necessary. As I said before, the ability to hit a golf ball with these is not the point. It’s a terrific functionality but is not why you should purchase a weighted club in the first place.

If you are going to start practicing with the Power Hitter, I would suggest getting the driver or iron in a weight that is difficult to swing. Do a lot of slow motion swinging and you will notice a fantastic change in the near future.


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