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It’s no coincidence that the world’s best players are the best at tracking stats.

Every golfer regardless of ability has kept stats on their game. At the most basic level playing for a score is considered the most macro stat you can measure. While score will indicate overall performance it will not give any clues as to what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Measuring stats like fairways hit, greens in regulation, scrambling, and total putts per round seem like the next best thing but are actually misleading and harmful to your game. Focusing on worthless statistics is not just a waste of time, it could also mean that you spend your time working on the wrong aspects of your game, attempting to fix problems that you don’t have while ignoring your actual weaknesses.

Traditional golf stats measure a combination of skills; You got up and down but was it a good chip or good putt? You hit the green in regulation but which was better the tee shot or approach shot?

Using Strokes Gained stats can more accurately pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses in driving, approach shots, short game and putting, and in more detailed subcategories.

“If a stroke starts on a tee where, according to historical data, the average score is four, and if it finishes at a position in the fairway where the average strokes to hole out is 2.8, then the tee shot has moved the ball 1.2 strokes closer to the hole with just one stroke. The single tee shot has gained 0.2 strokes compared to an average tee shot, so it has a “strokes gained” of 0.2. Strokes gained recognizes that sinking a 20-foot putt represents a better performance than sinking a three-foot putt, even though they both count as a single stroke on the scorecard. Strokes gained assigns a number to this intuition.”

What Is GIR?

GolfInRed is a tool designed for golfers and coaches to record and analyze their golf game. Utilizing the groundbreaking Strokes Gained method pioneered by Mark Broadie, author of Every Shot Counts, GIR offers tour-level performance statistics for every golfer with the ability to connect, share and compare with others, in an easy-to-use website.

Play Unlimited Rounds

Track unlimited rounds on multiple courses. The more rounds you input the better the quality of the information.

Tour-level Stats

Tracking just fairways hit, GIR, Scrambling, and total putts is not only useless but can be harmful and misleading for your game.

Track Performance

Coaches use GIR to track the performance of students and tailor lesson plans. Juniors can use GIR to strengthen their resume for college.

Practice Smart

Is that swing mechanic you are working so hard on producing the results you want? It’s now trackable.

Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

Are you a scratch golfer who putts like a 20 handicap? Start tracking and we will show your strengths and weaknesses.

In-depth Reports & Analysis

Strokes Gained Performance metrics broken into four main categories. Tee Shots – Approach – Short Game – Putting.

Connect And Compare

See how your golf game stacks up against other members. View each other’s profile’s, send messages,  and make friends.

Reward Your Progress

See your progress overtime and get rewarded for reaching certain performance goals.

Simple To Record

Record on the course while each shot is fresh in your mind. Use Strokes Gained Stickies that fit perfectly in your yardage book pocket. All you need is your distance to the hole, lie of the ball and whether or not you incured a penalty.

Quick To Enter

Immediate feedback is so crucial to improving our golf game. In as little as 5 minutes you can use our data entry scorecard or upload a picture of your sticky scorecard, and GolfInRed will take care of the rest… It’s that EASY!

Effortless To Analyze

Four performance categories – Tee Shots, Approach Shots, Short Game, and Putting. Share your results with friends and coaches to help develop skills and lower your scores. Optimize practice time and improve on-course strategy.

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