5 Best Golf Laser Rangefinders Tournament Ready 2016

Here I have listed the 5 best golf laser rangefinders for tournaments 2016. Which type of a laser rangefinder is best for a tournament? Most tournaments allow the use of electronic distance measuring devices so long as it doesn’t measure distance with slope or wind. The last thing you want to do is use an outdated bad technology rangefinder that gives you the wrong distance or even zaps something other than the target. In my experience you always get what you pay for when it comes to laser rangefinders. The cheap ones always break and cannot give accurate readings consistently.

What Makes The Best Golf Laser Rangefinder And How To Choose?

Features like Bushnell JOLT Technology, ESP and also vivid display options give certain laser rangefinder the obvious advantage over one another. Sight adjustability should allow you to focus on your target and make use of the pin seeking technology.

Maximum Distance Range of all lasers are different. Certain rangefinders allow you to go up to 900 yards. This can come in handy if you plan to use your laser rangefinder in practice round situations. Also, the ability to convert your distances between meters and yards is also an added bonus some rangefinder have.

Size and Weight is a major factor that goes into your ultimate decision. I know some golfers want a small enough laser rangefinder that will fit in their pocket. If you are comfortable playing with a rangefinder in your back pocket there are no excuses for not getting the number to your target. You may give up durability and control that a larger laser rangefinder will give you.

So, don’t cheat yourself out of the best possible golf laser rangefinder that works best for you. After looking over the specs and features any tournament ready golf laser rangefinders should consist of, I listed the best golf laser rangefinders 2016.

1. Bushnell Tour X JOLT Laser Rangefinder

bushnell tour x jolt golf laser rangefinder

Bushnell Tour X Jolt is the best golf laser rangefinder for tournament and slope conditions. It is the most expensive laser rangefinder on the list because of its dual capability to interchange tournament legal distance and slope calculations for practice rounds. It has PinSeeker with JOLT technology to assure you that you have locked onto the pin and not some tree behind the green. Capable of 6x magnification and distances up to 1,300 yards. Know More About The Rangefinder.

2. Leupold GX-3ia2 Laser Rangefinder

Leupold GX-3ia2 Laser Rangefinder

Leupold GX-3ia2 is the best golf laser rangefinder equipped with revolutionary Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (DNA) Technology and a vivid OLED display. It is USGA compliant and will only offer line-of-sight distance measurements making it a perfect hand held device for tournament conditions. It has smart features such as built in Fog Mode for those early morning rounds. Check All The Features of The Laser.

3. Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour Z6 Jolt Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour Z6 JOLT is the best Laser Rangefinder that is fully waterproof. Comes with a 2 year warranty plus carry case. It is the worlds smallest most advanced laser rangerfinder that can fit in your pocket. Capable of distances of up to 1,300 yards equipped with PinSeeker and JOLT Technology. See More Details of The Laser Rangefinder.

4. Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder

Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder

Callaway 300 is the best golf Laser Rangerfinder for any golfer on a budget. It can scan the landscape to acquire distances to multiple target at once. It has a range of up to 1000 yards with 6x magnification. It will lock onto any Pin 300 yards away even with objects in the background. Easy to aim LCD display shows yards/meters with Zero-in-Aiming Technology indicator. Check Out All The Specs.

5. Bushnell Tour V3 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V3 is the best golf laser rangefinder. It has Bushnells well known JOLT Technology and capable of distances of up to 1,000 yards. The comfortable design molds right to your hand with 5x magnification making targeting simple. It comes with a 2 year warranty and at a very affordable price for a quality tournament laser rangefinder. See All The Features About The Rangefinder.


Above I have listed the 5 best golf laser rangefinders ready for tournament conditions. After checking the features of various rangefinders, the best laser rangefinders that can perform under pressure with you are listed. So, once you decide on the rangefinder right for you, it will be from the best golf laser rangefinder for tournaments list 2016.


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