Best Indoor Practice Putting Greens For Home or Office

Making more putts means lower scores and you don’t necessarily need to be at the course to practice your putting. If its at your house, office, or even hotel you can still manage to get that much needed practice in on your stroke to make sure its grooved for tomorrows round. Even better, if its the off-season and the rain is causing you to miss the practice you so desire. Indoor practice putting greens can provide you with that extra touch you have always wanted to your indoor space. Also, don’t forget that if you get the right putting green you can also practice your basic chip shots.

Indoor Practice Putting Greens: Choose the Best one for yourself

As we have discussed before that in today’s article we will highlight some of the best indoor practice putting greens options for you in 2017, so that you can easily decide which one is the best for you.
It is important to get the best putting surface for your indoor practice, so that you get a realistic feel of it. If you do not decide on the highest quality putting surface for the indoor practice, then you might lose some strokes around the green when it comes time to make them on the course.
Here below, we will now list down all of the best possible indoor practice putting greens for you.

1. Big Moss Putting Green:

When it comes to making a list for best options of indoor practice putting greens, then big moss putting green makes at the top of that list. There are many reasons for this, such as the fact that Big moss putting greens are easy to setup. They have a true roll and come in all the different sizes. Big moss putting greens are highly durable and last for a long period of time. They have good and excellent quality in them and can be stored away simply by being rolled. When you put them on any hard surface then big moss putting greens roll about a 10/11 on the stimp meter. You can easily vacuum big moss putting green for a faster or slower roll and in the case of some undulation, you can use the foam break snakes. To get the feel of a realistic and authentic practice, the big moss putting green is able to stand over 3 feet to 12 feet.

2. Tour Links Putting Green:

In the case of indoor and outdoor practices, tour links putting greens are mostly chosen. Tour links putting greens offer a more realistic feel of the practice. They sit or settle a few inches off the surface or ground. Tour links putting greens come in the form of panels: you can put or assemble them together to shape the green. Many customers like to buy tour links putting green because of the durability and good quality that they have in them. If you are looking for a higher end indoor putting green and want the absolute best, this is your pick.

3. Starpro Putting Greens:

Starpro putting greens also make a part of today’s list, and the reason is that they have a realistic and great feel about them. Starpro putting greens are easy to handle and can easily be stored away, when not in use, by just rolling them.  With this indoor putting green you have to ability to shoot at different targets which makes the green much less boring over time. Starpro putting green has a 2mm thick base made of rubber and it also has multiple layers of backing with it.

Whichever putting green you decide on its awesome having the ability to hit putts at will on a surface that you know is similar to greens. Putting on hardwood floor or caret just doesn’t get the job done the right way that you are looking for.


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