Best Windproof + UV Protection Large Golf Umbrellas

What makes a good umbrella – a good one. Like the they say, the weather is, undoubtedly, as unpredictable as…well, the weather. Especially if you are traveling to a climate you are unfamiliar with, when you are planning to play, you must be prepared for literally anything and everything. Within a few minutes, the nice sunny day can turn into a crazy rainy one – or at times you will need some added protection from the blazing sun; in either case, you must, at all times, be prepared. We have selected some of the best large golfing umbrellas from brands like Nike, Callaway, Under Armour, Titleist, and more.

Believe it or not, not all umbrellas perform equally well in rain and wind; therefore, you must choose wisely. Having the wrong umbrella can instead of help will only make matter worse. Typically, umbrellas are constructed so as to withstand rain, essentially to keep you dry. However, while on the golf course, you’re going to be needing a little more than just that. Instead, you will need something significantly more durable because it is going to be really windy and normal umbrellas tend to turn inside out in such conditions – a good golf umbrella is large windproof and won’t.

The following list of golfing umbrellas will act to protect you from the rain, wind, and uv rays – they are recommended, and they are definitely necessary!

1. Coolibar UV Protection Golf Umbrella

Made out of Nylon of premium quality, Coolibar Titanium Golf Umbrella is sure to keep you cool in the sun. This umbrella comes with one of a kind UV protection, which ensures you maximum protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Regardless of the weather, with Coolibar Golf umbrella, your game is sure to go on smoothly. The unique design also works to repel water so that no rain affects your performance. See more features of the Coolibar here.

2. Under Armour Golf Umbrella

The under armour golf umbrella here is worth taking a look at. The construction is super durable with easy to open and close lock that makes opening and closing the umbrella super easy. The polyester material and UA Storm1 technology repels water very nicely to not only protect you but also makes the umbrella dry off easier. The handle is very comfortable to hold making the rain a little more bearable. At 62′ you wills surely be protected from the rain at all angles and allows for easy towel hanging at the top. Get Your Under Armour Umbrella Now.

3. PING Tour 62″ Umbrella 2017

PING Tour 62” umbrella’s extra large dual-canopy and waterproof, durable fabric make it extra special and worth every penny! This wonderful umbrella keeps you dry, in even the worst of rainfalls.

4. Callaway 2017 Tour Authentic 68″ Double Canopy Umbrella

The Callaway Tour 68 double canopy umbrella is the best combination of rain, windproof, and UV protection. Just looking at the umbrella will give away the supreme quality and give you that piece of mind you need in the storm. A really cool feature added to this umbrella is ventilation holes for the wind that make handling super easy in an aggressive wind storm. With a simple 1 button press to open and close you can quickly deploy for protection.

5. Titleist FJ Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

A Titleist product; need we say more? This Double Canopy Golf Umbrella offers impeccable coverage and protection against sun, rain, wind – the whole nine yards. Titleist prides itself in offering high quality products that last a lifetime – this golf umbrella is no exception. The truth is there are many options to look at when going with a umbrella but if you want to guarantee quality and satisfaction the Titleist is one of the best options for you.

6. GustBuster Pro Series Gold 62-Inch Golf Umbrella

The design on the GustBuster’s Golf Umbrella is certainly one to look forward to – the two-layer construction with tear drops cut out of the inner layer lets wind pass through, this in turn ensures that the umbrella stays put in your hands. Additionally, the size is ideal. Available in 2 generous sizes (62- and 68-inch diameters), GustBuster delivers as promised. Either one works just fine with the enormous cover area that is more than enough for your game! The lightweight albeit durable and sturdy shaft, the comfortable, handy rubber handle, and the convenient opening and closing system are just three of the many things that make this a great pick. It also has a simple look if you don’t want big company logos on your equipment.

Grab one today – get it for yourself or to gift a friend/loved one who likes to play golf!


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