Funny Novelty Golf Gag Themed Gift Ideas Under $10

Humdrum gift ideas like watches, wallets, perfumes, bags, jewelry etc. are so mundane it hurts. Let’s see, what are your loved one’s hobbies? Swimming, horse riding, boating, golfing – did someone say “golfing”? Excellent! Say no more; we have got your back! We have put together a list of funny, economical golf themed gift ideas for men and women that are guaranteed to put a smile on their face – AND yours! All these joke gift ideas are perfect for any birthday, fathers day, or any regular occasion.

1. Farting Golf Ball Jumps Wobbles & Farts

Fart jokes and tricks will never get old! These silly yet super entertaining Farting Golf Ball Jumps Wobbles & Farts are sure to knock all of your socks off. It looks and feels like a real golf ball but sounds a bit different obviously – it makes a farting sound when you putt it and also wobbles! Who says golf has to be a serious game? Add some fun to it with these hilarious, unpredictable balls with the element of surprise. This item is available with batteries included; so buy one and be ready to make everyone have a laughing fit! Get your farting balls here.

2. Thumbs Up! Golfball Finder Glasses

There is nothing more that says “I love you” more than a pair of golfball finder glasses. Put an end to the madness that losing golf balls is! Ideal for your golf-loving mates – the Thumbs Up! Golfball Finder Glasses makes locating the golfball much more simple than it is otherwise. If you have a buddy that is constantly losing golfballs this is a perfect gift. This one of a kind product works by illuminating the (white) golf ball so that you do not have to spend (read: waste) your precious time looking for the ball. What’s more – they look really cool too! So up your golf AND style game with these unique glasses. I want to find my balls.

3. Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Catch your buddies off guard with this beautiful, scary Rattlesnake (not so much so)! Just think of how much fun you will have on the golf course with one of these bad boys in your bag. Imagine the look on all your friends faces when you get them after a bogie. The best time to place the snake is somewhere near or in their cart when you are walking to the green. Have fun! Get the snake now!

4. Golf Cigar Holder Clip for Golfers

For the classy lads out on the field, Golf Cigar Holder Clip is the ultimate gift. Made out of the most durable material, the Golf Cigar Holder Clip should hold your cigar firmly albeit gently while you play. All golf courses are riddled with harmful pesticides. The last thing you want to do is set your tasty cigar on the ground.

5. Lady Golf Strip Tees & Divot Repair Tool Combo – The Best Golf Gift

And the award for the most out of the ordinary gift goes to…the Golf Strip Tees!  Shaped as a beautiful lady, these golf tees ought to bring out the best in you! After these, you will never again settle for another tee – why must you, anyway?



Exploding Golf Ball Four Pack by Cloud-Flite

The “Exploding Golf Ball Four Pack by Cloud – Flite” is yet another witty prank – a ball that vanishes upon impact and leaves the player in awe. Catch your unsuspecting golf friends which giving a lesson or ask them to show you their swing technique. Make sure you catch this on video to show all your friends. Order all the exploding balls you want here.

7. Unputtaball Golf Ball

As the name itself suggests, this ball looks and feels like an ordinary golf ball, but is anything but. It is specially constructed with counterweights so that it is virtually impossible for the ball to roll straight, hence the “unputtaball”ness. Trick: Distract your victim and switch out his ball for the unputtaball. Watch him go berserk as all his attempts to putt fail miserably! Order unputtable ball.

8. Jet Streamer Golf Ball Prank

Your golfer friends will never know what hit them – this Jet Streamer Golf Ball Prank is, hands down, straight up fantastic! It is precisely the same size & dimension as a regular golf ball; there is however so much more to it than just that. Upon putting, this ball spits out a 15 foot strand of red ribbon, to the player’s surprise. The Exploding Golf Ball, on the other hand, explodes into thin air when hit! Order your fireworks golf balls.

9. Potty Putter Putting Mat Golf Game

Let us all take a moment to applaud the smart brains that created this unique, awesome variation of a golf game. It is, undoubtedly, everything a golf course is except…its smaller. It is designed particularly to fit in spaces like, say, your bathroom? Practice while you answer the nature’s call – only because you are so dedicated to the game; or because you have a wonderful sense of humor. What ever it is, god bless you. Get yours today!


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