Filming Your Golf Swing

When filming your golf swing, you need to make sure you place the camera in the correct positions. Setting up the camera in the correct spot will help you see your swing correctly, and get the most out of your online lessons.
Proper Camera Positions:

  • Since you are swinging the golf club at a high speed, we need to make sure the camera can capture as much as possible. (especially near impact) Setting your camera to the highest shutter speed will give you the best results.
  • Make sure you position the camera far enough away so the club head doesn’t disappear within the frame.
  • Place the camera on something stable such as a box or tripod. The shot needs to be a still as possible, a moving shot will not be effective for online lessons as it affects the way you see your swing through lines.

Camera height –

Place the camera so it is even should your chest. This is between 4 and 5 feet from the ground. Depending upon your height the height will vary, just make sure that its approximately the height of your lead arm half way through the backswing as it draws a parallel with the ground.

Also, be sure the camera is level horizontally and vertically to get a clear picture.

Down the line view –

Place the camera so its parallel with your target or directly behind your hands at address. With a driver your hands are farther away from your body so make sure that with each different club the camera is positioned correctly. Laying an alignment rod or golf club on the ground between your feet and the ball will help with your alignment and camera setup. Make sure the alignment rod appears as a straight line in the video and your hands are centered over the line on the ground.

Front view –

Setup the camera so its facing perpendicular to your target line and looking straight at you. Add another alignment rod stick to the first, making a T. Use the second stick to center the camera so its at the midpoint of your stance.


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