Reading Greens and Putt Better – Fall Line

Around every hole on the putting green, there are always 2 straight putts. This means most of the putts you encounter on the golf course are going to have some amount of break. To improve putting performance requires finding the slope, reading the greens, and making more putts.

It will take discipline training yourself to aim away from the hole, especially from a short distance. From these two straights putts, (the fall line) you can determine the direction and amount your putt will break.

Lets start by imagining the putting green to be flat and perfectly level around the hole. All putts from each direction would be straight. When you tilt the green, the area around the hole is mostly flat for about 3-10 feet then starts breaking different directions. Since the putting green is tilted, there is only 1 straight putt uphill, and one straight downhill putt. The fall line is an imaginary line drawn through the center of cup that indicates the straight uphill and straight downhill putt.

After tilting a flat surface, there is now a high and a low point. As a visual, take a look at a clock. The center of the clock is the hole, 12 and 6 o clock are straight putts.(fall line) Once you find the straight putts, you will be able to find any break around the hole. Each time on the clock will have a different break.

how to putt better

Step 1:  locate the fall line. This can be accomplished a variety of different ways. We now know that the straight putts fall along the highest and lowest point around the cup. Look around the cup to see if you can make out these two points. Keep in mind they must coincide with each other and fall along the same line. If you find the highest and lowest point, but they arnt in the same line, let this be a warning to you that one of the points is wrong. Another checkpoint to look for is 3 and 9 o clock being the same height.

Walking 360 degrees around the hole can also help locate these points. Be sure not to walk in anybodies line when performing this technique. When you are standing near the high point, a step either direction will feel lower. At the low point, a step in either direction will feel like you are walking up hill. Pay close attention to the sensations in your feet. Do all your putting drills on the fall line, making sure your putt is straight.

Lastly, you could imagine overflowing the hole with water. Wherever you see water exit  the hole first is the low point. The opposite is the highpoint.


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