The Perfect Golf Swing

I want to start by saying having the perfect golf swing can make the game more enjoyable, but as it relates to handicap or overall score, its not significant and can only get you so far. ThereĀ  are more salient aspects such as, wedge play, scrambling, putting, appropriate decision making, and attitude that make a player great. I don’t know why this is kept from people for so long, perhaps it’s because the golfswing and lessons are easy to market.

Try remembering a time when you saw someone with a golf swing that you thought of as being bad, but he ended up winning the tournament. How far you decide to improve upon your swing, is entirely up to you. However, I hope you spend your time practicing what will make you a better scorer of the golf ball. If its one thing that matters in golf, its your score, that’s it.

What elements make up a perfect golf swing?

Repeatability:(control of the club face) No matter how good or bad the swing mechanic may if a swing can repeat it will be successful. Sometimes you have to go with what shows up on the driving range. Deep down if you know you can play a 20 yard slice every time, whats stopping you? I’m not advocating not trying to reduce the movement, (overtime) but whatever you do, don’t begin to fight your golfswing on the golf course.

One consistent shot shape: Golf becomes easy if you can take one side of the golf course out of play. Whether you choose to draw or cut the ball is your choice. To create any type of consistency, try building a swing that moves the ball the same way every time. It is also beneficial to know how to work the ball in the opposite direction or your standard shot. Seldom will you need to do this, but extremely necessary if the shot calls for it.

Control Trajectory: A player that can control his trajectory will be able to attack pins and position his ball better around the greens. When the weather kicks up, this player will also have an advantage playing in the wind. Controlling trajectory gives you a better chance for controlling distance.

Distance/Spin Control: In golf you should always be playing a shot for a specific yardage. Get a laser or step off yardages every time to learn how to hit each yardage. Much of trajectory and distance control can come from picking the right club. By choosing different lofts, you can create many different shots for each yardage. (all having a different spin and trajectory, but going the same yardage)

Good Under Pressure: Pressure can have a dramatic effect on a golf swing. A great swing gets better under pressure. The first thing to go in a faulty swing is its timing. A swing that has a lot of moving parts requiring lots of timing, particularly with the hands and arms which usually suffer in a tournament situation.

Ability To Generate Power: The faster you can swing the club while staying in balance makes for the perfect golf swing.


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