Top 10 Best Golf Instruction Books Every Golfer Should Read

Knowledge plays a significant factor in dealing with golf’s steep learning curve. The rest is insight. I know you will benefit tremendously from my top 10 selections for the best golf instruction books out there. If you are a serious student of the game or just someone that wants to know a little more it doesn’t matter. Regardless of the choice you make, you are moving one step closer in becoming a complete player. I believe in these books so much that I would recommend you never take a lesson before completing at least 3 of the 10. My top 10 best golf instruction books you should read have been listed in order of awesomeness.

My Top 10 Best Golf Instruction Books That Made The Cut

1. Ben Hogans Five Lessons

Ben Hogan’s five lesson’s has easily been referred to as the bible of golf, or simply put the only golfing book you’ll ever need. Unlike other golf publications Ben Hogan really goes into detail and gets down to the finer points and explains everything simply and concise. PGA professionals are teaching today the idea’s that came out of this book. Ben Hogan was a legend and put his “secrets” into this book which he calls his 5 fundamentals of golf.


2. Golf My Way
This was one of the first instructional books I read as a beginner and really think this shares the #1 spot. Jack Nicklaus authored this book. What else do I have to say? He is an 18 time major champion and gives everything away in his book Golf My Way. MUST READ!


3. The Golfing Machine, 7th Edition
If you have already read this book you will totally understand me when I tell you that this book will take you back to high school geometry class. It basically breaks down the entire golf swing as an engineer would. If you are a technical person, this book is for you. Before reading this book I lacked any true understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing. The Golfing Machine leaves you with no questions.



4. How I Play Golf
Tiger Woods has one of the best swings of all of golf. If you want to develop a solid golf game it only makes sense that you learn from the best. Tiger Woods has “changed” his swing several times throughout his career and had several different instructors. How I Play Golf was written fairly early in his career when many people say his swing was at its best. He covers his swing, diet, and exercise routines that you can also incorporate into your practice.



5. Extraordinary Putting: Transforming the Whole Game
To be honest, putting shouldn’t be as hard as golfers make it out to be. Putting is all about confidence and your attitude. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to hit a ball into a hole. Unfortunately our brains love to complicate the issue and get in the way of something that in reality is so dang easy. Extraordinary putting is all about getting you into the present moment to figure out what your hidden thoughts are. It also includes some very cool tips and drills towards the end that will blow your mind.


6. Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

If you are a tournament golfer, this is a must read. Without question 95% of this game is mental. What I mean by that is, your performance is directly linked to how you manage your emotions, pick your shots, and deal with the pressure. Bob Rotella is one of the leading sports psychologist that works with several PGA Tour professionals on their mental games. This book includes everything that all touring professionals practice week in and week out.


7. Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book
Harvey Penick was a true student of the game. Starting when he was eight years old as a caddie, till the day he died teaching at Austin Texas Country Club. He really found his roots at that country club working with the likes or Tom Kite, Ben Crenshaw, and Betsy Rawls. I could tell he was very grounded in his teachings and knew how to get directly to the point. The book is broken up into specific topics. There is no real order to the book, which I liked. For instance he had a section “The left Heel” then immediately after, “Backspin.” It only took no more than 3 pages to get each of his points across making it a very reliable read.



8. Putting Out of Your Mind

Putting out of your mind really gives the title two different meanings once you complete the read. Similar to Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect, Dr. Bob Rotella also wrote putting out of your mind so you know there will be some valuable insider information. Again, putting is an extremely mental. A repeatable routine that works can help set you on autopilot for making putts. My favorite idea that came from this book is understanding exactly where my eyes were focusing throughout my entire process. That in turn is cause for either a positive or negative approach. Sometimes you don’t even have to hit the putt and you already know it’s going in. We have all had that happen, and this book really cultivates that feeling so you can manifest it on command.



9. Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible
I am a huge fan of all the Dave Pelz collection. I have still yet to read his short game bible but if its any similar to his research on putting I am also going to recommend that one as well. There are so many breakthrough discoveries that he makes in his book, you will gain a complete understanding of your actually intentions on the greens. He invented all sorts of technologies to roll balls and document the data. It’s a very factual book baked up with practice drills and training aids to get your putting stroke on track.



10. The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How.

Now, once you have filled your brain with all the correct things to practice, you need a plan. That’s were The Talent Code comes in. This book has several case studies of amazing talents all over the word that seemingly came from hole-in-the-wall places. It gets down into the brain science of improvement and how teaches you how to practice that will give you the most benefit. Very Interesting stuff here.


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